How do you correctly start and avoid things in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, the thrill of assembling your dream squad and competing in the virtual football arena awaits. But, How to start your Ultimate Team journey correctly is paramount for long-term success. In this guide, we will navigate the intricacies of the game’s release, early access, and the strategic steps to build a formidable team, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. So, let’s dive into the world of FC 24 Ultimate Team and ensure you start on the right foot, setting the stage for a victorious journey in the virtual football realm.

Preparing for Release

  • Choose Your Edition: If you’ve purchased the Ultimate Edition, you’re in luck. It releases a full week earlier than the Standard Edition, on September 22nd. For Standard Edition buyers, you can wait until the September 29th release date or use Early Access and the web app.
  • Utilize Early Access Wisely: If you’re using Early Access, you’ll get 10 hours of gameplay before the official release.
  • Important: Use this limited time to play games only. Avoid spending time in menus, trading, or completing objectives, as these tasks can be done on the web app without time constraints.

Getting Started

  • Claim Your Starter Rewards: When you first log in, claim your starter team, kits, and badges.
  • Loyalty Packs (If Available): Loyalty packs are awarded to players who have played consecutive FIFA titles. The more loyalty packs you have, the better your chances of getting valuable players. Consider holding onto these packs, especially if it’s during Early Access, as player prices tend to rise over time.
  • Ultimate Edition FC Points: If you have the Ultimate Edition, you’ll receive 4,600 FC Points. Decide how to use these points based on your playing style, whether it’s investing in FUT Draft or opening packs.
  • Complete Starter Objectives: Complete initial objectives such as changing your club name, applying contracts to players, and adjusting player positions. You’ll earn small rewards, including contract packs, bronze packs, and coins.
  • Trading Strategies: If you have limited coins (e.g., from objectives), consider starting with a bronze or silver trading method. If you have more coins, explore the bulk bidding method to maximize your profits.
  • Play Your First Game Wisely: Avoid jumping into online games with your starter squad, as you may face strong opponents. Start with Squad Battles to build your team, gain experience, and earn rewards.

Building Your Ultimate Team

  • Play and Trade Cycles: After your initial game, continue alternating between playing matches and trading. Avoid spending all your coins on player upgrades; focus on trading first.
  • Accumulate Coins: Aim to reach a coin balance of 20,000 to 30,000 coins. Do not spend all your coins on player upgrades; maintain a reserve for trading.
  • Upgrade Your Team: When you reach your desired coin balance, upgrade your team to a value of around 10,000 to 15,000 coins. This ensures you still have a coin reserve to continue trading.
  • Keep Playing and Trading: Continue playing games, trading, and upgrading your team. Consider exploring new trading methods as your coin balance grows.

Advanced Strategies

  • Higher Budget, Better Team: If you purchased the Ultimate Edition, you can afford to build a more expensive team right away. Leave a significant portion of your coins in reserve for trading and investments.
  • Diversify Your Gameplay: Depending on your goals, you can choose to focus on FUT Draft, Division Rivals, or Weekend League (FUT Champions). Adapt your strategy to your preferred game mode.

5 Things To Avoid

How to starting your Ultimate Team journey on the right foot is essential for long-term success. So, Here we’ll share five things you need to avoid in Ultimate Team!

1. Avoid Jumping into Online Games Too Soon:

One of the most common mistakes new players make is rushing into online games, especially Division Rivals, with the starter team they receive at the beginning of Ultimate Team. While it might be tempting to dive right into the action, there are good reasons to delay this:

  • Complete Foundations Objectives and Starter SBCs: These objectives and SBCs are straightforward tasks that can earn you valuable coins and packs. Achieving objectives like reaching 12 chemistry or changing your club’s name can provide a significant boost to your squad.
  • Play Squad Battles: Before diving into online gameplay, focus on Squad Battles. You can earn rewards, complete foundation objectives, and even work towards milestone objectives. It’s an excellent way to build your club’s foundation.

2. Avoid Spending All Your Coins on Player Upgrades:

As you start earning FC 24 coins, resist the urge to spend all your coins on your next player upgrade. This is a big no-no, as it can hinder your coin-making potential. Having a substantial coin reserve is crucial for successful trading. The more coins you have, the easier it is to make more through trading. So, save up and be patient.

3. Don’t Build an Expensive Team Too Soon

Building a high-value team should be postponed until you’ve completed several objectives and SBCs that offer untradeable packs. The hybrid leagues, hybrid nations, and league-nation hybrid SBCs are great examples of untradeable pack opportunities. These packs may contain valuable players that can shape your squad. Wait until you’ve opened these packs before spending big on players to ensure your squad complements your untradeable assets.

4. Diversify Your FIFA Activities

Don’t solely focus on playing matches. While matches are important, there are numerous ways to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. Maintain a diverse approach:

  • Active and Passive Trading: Always have items listed on your transfer list. Consider trading with a variety of items, including chemistry styles and position modifiers (if available).
  • Explore Different Game Modes: Don’t lock yourself into one game mode. Keep an eye on special promotions and events in Squad Battles, Rivals, objectives in friendlies, and even Drafts. These modes can offer unique opportunities to earn rewards and coins.

5. Be Cautious with Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

SBCs are a significant part of the FIFA Ultimate Team. However, there are common mistakes to avoid:

  • Avoid Completing Every Player SBC: Only some players SBC are worth completing, especially early in the game. Consider the value the player brings to your squad and whether they’ll have a long-term impact before completing the SBC.
  • Don’t Blindly Follow SBC Solutions: While websites like Footbin offer SBC solutions, be cautious. These solutions often lead to inflated player prices as everyone follows them. Try to build squads creatively to save coins and maximize your resources.

Starting EA FC Ultimate Team correctly requires a well-planned strategy, regardless of the edition you own. Balancing gameplay and trading, wisely utilizing loyalty packs, and making efficient use of FC points are key elements to getting ahead. With dedication and the right approach, you can build a formidable Ultimate Team and enjoy success in the EAFC Ultimate Team. Good luck, and may your FUT journey be filled with victories!

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