Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure: August 22nd Launch & New Roadmap

In an exciting announcement on August 22nd, ArenaNet revealed the much-anticipated launch of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. With this expansion, players are in for a journey like no other as they explore a fresh storyline and engage in exhilarating gameplay experiences. This article delves into the highlights of the Secrets of the Obscure launch and provides insights into the new roadmap, ensuring you’re ready to embark on this thrilling adventure.

Guild Wars 2 August 22nd Launch & New Roadmap

The Secrets of the Obscure Launch

Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate, as Secrets of the Obscure opens up a new chapter in the game’s universe. In this expansion, titled Terry’s Journey, players will step into a story that diverges from the looming threat of elder dragons. Here’s what you can expect from the launch:

  • New Story Arc: Delve into the first major Guild Wars 2 storyline that breaks away from the shadow of elder dragons. Reconnect with familiar faces, forge new alliances, and stand united against the invading Cryptus forces.
  • Weapon Master Training: Explore exciting build combinations with expanded weapon access unlocked through the Weapon Master Training system.
  • Skyward Exploration: Traverse the skies of Tyria in two new zones designed for aerial exploration. Acquire the sky scale Mount through streamlined methods and master new Flight Training abilities.
  • Team Up for Victory: Engage in open-world battles alongside fellow players and take on the challenge of two new strike missions.
  • Abundant Rewards: Embark on new events, conquer challenges, and unlock rewards as you journey through the expansion’s content.

The Roadmap Ahead

The Secrets of the Obscure launch signifies a shift in the delivery of expansion content as ArenaNet embraces a new model designed to provide players with consistent updates. The roadmap promises a regular cadence of content over the next several months, keeping the adventure fresh and engaging:

Update 1: Continuing the Story Arc

  • Introduces a final map of the storyline.
  • Adds a challenge mode to a strike mission.
  • Unlocks new weapon proficiencies for each profession.
  • Enhances the Mastery system.
  • Refreshes the Wizard’s Vault with seasonal content.
  • Presents a new armour set and expansion relics.

Update 2: Progressing the Story

  • Extends the final map’s storyline.
  • Introduces challenge mode to another strike mission.
  • Expands weapon proficiencies for professions.
  • Advances the Mastery system.
  • Provides tier-one Obsidian Legendary armour.
  • Introduces new Legendary enemies.
  • Continues adding existing maps to the rotation.

Update 3: Concluding the Story Arc

  • Concludes the storyline with a final map.
  • Enhances fractals with a challenge mode.
  • Further develops the Mastery system.
  • Offers tier two Obsidian Legendary armor.
  • Introduces additional expansion relics.
  • Adds new Legendary enemies.
  • Continues including existing maps in the rotation.

Commemorating Guild Wars 2’s 11th Anniversary

Coinciding with the Secrets of the Obscure launch is Guild Wars 2’s 11th-anniversary celebration. This momentous occasion is a testament to the game’s enduring legacy and the dedicated community that makes it thrive. Players can anticipate birthday presents distributed based on character age, offering unique rewards as a token of appreciation.

Exciting Events and Merchandise

In addition to the expansion launch and anniversary celebration, Guild Wars 2 fans have more to look forward to:

  • Fan Event: On September 1st, a fan event will take place at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, Washington, offering fans a chance to connect and celebrate together.
  • Merchandise: A new line of Guild Wars 2 merchandise has been unveiled, featuring the Secrets of the Obscure collection bundle and mukluk-themed items. This includes the Shadow of Nayos, representing a central figure in the expansion’s narrative.


As Guild Wars 2 embarks on its 11th year, the Secrets of the Obscure expansion sets the stage for an exciting period of exploration, battles, and camaraderie. With the new content delivery model in place, players can anticipate consistent updates, ensuring the adventure never stagnates. Whether you’re a long-standing fan or a newcomer to Tyria, the Secrets of the Obscure expansion promises a wealth of experiences to discover and enjoy. Happy adventuring!

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