Windows 11: Microsoft tries to push you to upgrade

Microsoft tries to press Windows 10 customers upgrade to Windows 11-but you don’t seem to make terrific development.


Currently, you are concentrating on a new strategy to relocate the loyal Windows 10 users to switch-and hence go also much.

switch to Windows 11: Microsoft relies on a full-screen message after the system start

Your PC is prepared for an upgrade to Windows 11. Messages like this have actually been driving some Windows 10 users with more recent systems for months.
Once again and once more you are explained that you should switch over to Microsoft’s most recent OS and will be educated concerning the possible advantages that Windows 11 deals you.
Regardless of these Windows 11 publicity, several PC individuals remain to videotape Windows 10 and also disregard Microsoft’s upgrade information.
This does not appear to have left the team either, so that there has been a brand-new technique for a couple of weeks to push people to upgrade-a big full-screen pop-up that opens up quickly after the PC begins:
At first look, it practically resembles you can no much longer escape the Windows 11 upgrade.
In the middle of the display there are only two alternatives that either offer the individual the possibility to execute the upgrade quickly or to intend it for a later day.
It is only with the second look that it can be seen that there is also the opportunity to continue to use Windows 10.
The equivalent button can be found under left of the screen-almost hidden.
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Windows 11 at all expenses?

Microsoft goes too far-Comment from Robert Cowlick
It is usually not reprehensible that Microsoft remains to try to motivate Windows 10 individuals for Windows 11 as well as encourage them to switch-but currently.
The reports in the notification facility are already a nuisance for several users, as they such as to press themselves into the foreground and often also overlay recurring full-screen applications.
This is aggravating, but the message can be closed quickly.
Nonetheless, Microsoft is currently going also far with the new full screen pop-up.
The intrusive message not just attracts the full interest of the individual and also puts it on alert, many thanks to the positioning of the switches, it is also recommended that it has no selection at the newest as well as needs to upgrade to Windows 11 at the current.
Pure calculation from Microsoft is that the choice of keeping Windows 10 is secured in the reduced left corner-and therefore not in emphasis.
For Microsoft, Windows 10 is the other day’s snow.
This likewise reveals this step:
Reviewing pointer
Windows 10 at the end: Microsoft heralds the goodbye
Simon stitch
With this lousy stitch you most likely to ranch catches and, most importantly, attempt to relocate inattentive Windows 10 users to switch over to Windows 11-even if they do not want that in all.
Due to the fact that if you were interested in it, you would more than likely have already seen among the tens of various other upgrade deals that Microsoft maintained banging you in front of your bib.
Windows 10 customers who want to remain to hold to their operating system must currently work out unique care.
Microsoft, on the various other hand, ought to stop this new advertising and marketing strategy immediately.
Because also if you will boost the spread of Windows 11 regardless, the impacted upgrade targets must literally appear behind the light as well as may also consider switching over to completing items.
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