Explore All Weapons in Endnight Games Sons of the Forest – A First-Person Survival Horror Experience

The long-awaited first-person survival horror experience of End night Games is making waves at this time thanks to its spooky atmosphere, its immersive realism and its impressive level of freedom.

While surviving on an isolated tropical island full of cannibals may not seem the perfect holidays, at least you get some defensive equipment to keep carnivorous scoundrels at bay.
So, for those who wonder, here are all the weapons in Sons of the Forest that you can find or create.
Let’s get into it, okay?

All weapons you can find or manufacture in Sons of the Forest

In total, there are 20 weapons confirmed in Sons of the Forest and are the following:
Combat knife
Compound arc
Fire ax
Modern ax
Severe leg
Amputee arm
stun gun
Tactical ax
It is worth noting that there is the possibility that more weapons are discovered at the end of the game.
In addition, the developer can introduce new weapons into future updates.


If this happens, we will make sure to update the list with the new information.
So, there you have it: all the weapons that can be found or manufactured in Sons of the Forest.
To get more information, here it is explained how to get the shotgun and modern ax.
And, as always, keep it blocked in to get more guides and tips on the game.
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