Metroid Prime Remastered: Fans Hope Nintendo Switch Online Debut of Metroid Fusion Will Fix Missing Fusion Suit

Back in 2002, the initial versions of Metro id Blend and also Metro id Prime released within a day of each other, and connecting the 2 games through a GameCube-GBA link cable television would open bonus offer attributes in Prime. You’d be able to play with Prime once again wearing the Combination suit-a cool little bonus offer for followers of both if you defeated both video games and linked them.

This week, Nintendo revealed (opens in new tab) that the timeless Metro id Blend would certainly be coming to the GBA collection readily available on the higher-tier Development Pack for the Nintendo Switch over Online service. The story of that video game sees protagonist Camus essentially merged with a Metro id, and she winds up putting on a semi-organic suit. The Blend fit design stands out from anything else Camus wears in the series, and it’s become significantly renowned as the years have actually taken place.


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As it stands, there’s no chance to unlock the Combination fit in Metro id Prime Remastered, yet with the announcement of Combination’s debut on Switch over, rather (opens up in brand-new tab) much (opens up in new tab) everybody (opens in new tab) has (opens in new tab) the (opens up in new tab) same (opens in brand-new tab) point (opens up in brand-new tab) in (opens up in new tab) mind (opens up in new tab).

Metro id Prime Remastered is right here, and it’s superb, yet it is missing out on the unlockable Fusion suit-a problem that fans are hoping the approaching debut of Metro id Fusion via the Nintendo Switch over Online service will certainly correct.

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Have a look at our Metro id Prime Remastered evaluation if you’ve not yet been persuaded that it’s time to review this standard. In summary, we have actually concluded that while some elements of its style really feel antiquated, stunning modifications made to Metro id Prime’s aesthetic layout, performance, and controls are enough to revive one of the best video games of all time.

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