Explore the Revealed DLC Content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – New Advance, Applications, Collectible Letters, World Cups & Netflix Series

Today’s Pokémon has presented much news in relation to this franchise, this conloses applications, collectible letters, World Cups, as well as an exclusive Netflix series with an interesting animation style.
However, the news for the games was not going to miss and thus showed updates for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
Among the new news is mentioned that new destinations will arrive for some legendary Pokémon that were not available before.
But the most striking is the new DLC called Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.


Which will be divided into two parts that will arrive periodically.

For now there is no talk of a departure date, but it is mentioned that Nintendo Switch will arrive at some point in the year.
Via: Pokémon Present

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