Can You Top This? Twitch Streamer Plays Elden Ring With Her Thoughts!

Given that the release of Elden Ring, we have actually repeatedly reported fascinating challenges about the soulslike.
The focus is constantly on your own controller.
Individuals on twitch and youtube have actually currently played the title with a harp, a guitar or a banana.

But apparently there is a much more unusual way to experience the typically guaranteed video game from software.
How about playing Elder Sounding with an EEG?
This is exactly the concern of a Twitch streamer who currently causes a stir with her experiments.

Elden Ring Have fun with the thoughts

The streamer Perrikaryal just recently discussed how to play Elden Ring (now buy EUR 59.99/ EUR 53.99) with an EEG.
an eeg is a method in which the activity of electrical currents in the brain is measured.


According to the streamer, this method is not particularly appropriate for locating where particular currents occur, but reasonably well in determining modifications.
This is exactly what she benefits from for her project.
In this way, she discusses that she imagines, for example, to press a heavy item forward.
A video of the method demonstrates how the currents are normally envisioned and throughout this course of idea.
This takes many hours of practice, however appears to work.
The input almost acts as an on-off button.
Accordingly, it is not yet possible to only play the title with the EEG.
Who knows what is still possible in this context.

more news about Elden Ring

At the minute there is a guess that a large DLC for Elden Ring must come onto the marketplace.
Just recently there was a hint on Steam.
On the part of FROM software, one should be pleased that the sales figure of the video game has actually recently risen once again.
Sources: GamesRadar, Twitter (Perrikaryal).
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