Captivating Tales from the Port of Münster: Prussia and Coppenrath Verlag Begin Interaction


At the port of Münster, the Compensate Overlap has made its home for decades and from there, with its creative and innovative world, whole generations, likewise throughout borders, with stories such as Has Felix, Princess Lillie or Captain Shark
inspire and move.
On Hammer Straße, SC Prussia writes other stories, but as a traditional club from the Cathedral City handles to influence individuals of every social class and throughout age borders.
In the future, the two Münster organizations likewise want to take a common path and play the subject locations of children and households at the Adler club.
One subject that also drives and drives managing director Ole Bittner: I am extremely delighted that we can invite a rooted and genuine Münster-based company to the group.

With Compensate we are now playing the double pass to develop lovely tasks and child-friendly product items in the future.
We have actually currently exchanged lots of ideas in the first talks.
I’m truly anticipating the results myself. And there are lots of concepts.
Ideas to make the sports club for the small Prussian fans and those who are still supposed to be much more apparent.
A first task that we consider promptly is the assistance of the kids club, says Dr.
Lambert Sheer, Handling Director of Compensate Overlap, explains: Both the Prussians as a sporty magnet for children in the Hinterland and we as a traditional Münster Kinderbuchverlag constantly have the young target group in view, for which we develop worlds.
With the Kids club of Prussia Münster we land here. The very first double pass in between the harbor and Hammer Straße, in between the football club and children’s book publisher, is for that reason played and already makes you want the future interaction.

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