Historic Victory For Austrias Johannes Lamparter On The Seefeld Triple: Julian Schmid Runs On The Podium


The Austrian Johannes Lancaster won the Seemed triple of the Nordic combiners for the very first time.
The 21-year-old world champ defended his lead in the last 12.5-kilometer run in Tyrol confidently, taking over the yellow jersey of the overall World Cup leader.
A larger group combated substantially behind Lancaster for the other podium places, in the end the German Julian Schmidt and Norway’s Jens Laura frequently wound up in the ranks 2 and 3.
Olympic champion Vincent Geiger had to be content with fourth place.
In addition to World Cup points, triple is likewise about your own general ranking.
The outcomes of the previous day have an effect on the following competition.
The extremely strong Lamar in 2023 finished second on Friday, then won on Saturday and claimed this lead without issues.
The only Austrian triumph at the Prestige event came about in the only year in which the triple did not happen in Seemed, but in Chaux-Neuve in France.
Lancaster is the very first Austrian triple winner in Austria.
The German record winner Eric Freeze did not leave 15th place this time.
The Norwegian Earl Magnus Ribber, who was already disqualified on Saturday due to a hole in the match.

The suit was torn on the hill throughout the start.
Whatever shouts that I should take a break, said Ribber, who likewise has physical issues this winter season.
For the incredibly, it has to do with the 5th total World Cup victory in a row.
The management has now taken over the Lamar.

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