Star Magazines Bizarre Selfie Hunt On Lionel Messi Is Totally Inappropriate


Sunday night’s World Cup victory brought joy to millions of soccer fans all over the world, but it was also marred by a bizarre incident involving Star Magazine’s attempts to hunt down Lionel Messi for a selfie. In this article, find out why this was totally inappropriate and how it took the focus away from the real stars of the match: the players.

In fact, the actually huge phase must be booked for those who also deserve: the participants of the last.
On Sunday this was not always the case in Qatar after the grand WM triumph of the Argentinians about France (4: 2 I.E.).
In addition to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who pushed himself into the foreground several times on the side of the Argentine football heroes, this also used to Star chef and influencer Nurse Once.
The Turkish restaurateur, who became a world-famous brand with almost 50 million Instagram followers under his artist name Salt Bae, went on a genuine selfie hunt on Sunday at the World Cup last in Doha.
Before and throughout the game, Nurse Once was currently photographed with various world stars in the Lugsail Iconic Stadium, including with multimilliarch Elon Musk, the football icons Ronaldinho and Alessandro Del Piero or president, the Malaysian Sultan Abdullah or Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
So far, so excellent: After the cup handover to the Albiceleste, Salt Bae also pushed into the interior of the stadium and after that had all the Argentine football heroes photographed.
The world-famous butcher then published winning pictures with Angel di María, Leandro Martínez or Cristian Romero on his Instagram page.
Salt Bae likewise attained a snapshot with Argentina’s megastar and captain Lionel Messi, although the best gamer on the planet Cup tournament just hesitantly agreed.

Salt Bae, to name a few things, insulted as a mega-clown.

Soon previously, Messi had actually the good news is declined a first request after a picture together.

Corresponding videos of them flowed a thousand times on social networks.
For his bizarre selfie hunt among the Argentine world champs, the 39-year-old received violent criticism through Instagram.
Here is a small selection:.
Mega-Clown… for a little celebrity you would do everything.
Ashamed to disrupt such a special moment just since of your ill ego.
Messi didn’t desire to have anything to do with you. Why are you there at all?.
Go and sell your overpriced shit. It takes a lot more abilities to win a World Cup than to spread salt in a unique position on a steak.
However, the Shit storm is not an issue for the eccentric restaurateur: in the past it has actually been the focus of public criticism, among other things because of golden steaks ( Fall Bribery).

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