Two Point Studio Releases Free Holiday Update for Two Point Hospital

Two Point Studios have released a free update for their game Two Point Hospital that includes the colors and sights of winter. The update, which is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, includes holiday-themed decorations, snowmen, and more.

Planned is slowly concerning an end, and it is the time of the end holiday on Two Point Campus.
To commemorate as it should be Christmas, the game drapes a quite white coat for a totally free winter season update.
The players will hence be able to decorate their campus with a multitude of winter decors such as a tree, Christmas socks, light garlands and even the sled of Santa Claus with his magic reindeer.


Your trainees will also have the ability to disguise themselves for the vacations, specifically with Delphi or Santa Claus costumes, snowman’s heads or Krampus.
The Little Satanic force plans to undermine the end of the end Dannie at Two Point County.
The new Difficulty Two Point Krampus modes will welcome you to protect your students versus this clever spirit, and do whatever to prevent him from ruining the party.

An additional obstacle awaits gamers in this mode.
If the community manages to jointly harvest more dollars of the game in this level, it will unlock a surprise item.
And good news for not available gamers to take part in these end Dannie celebrations.
All objects, costumes and even the Challenge level will remain available after leaving.

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