Tears of Themis Redolent Nonage Management Guide Guide

The event The tears of Semis Subsequent Infinite begins on November 28, 2022, until December 8, 2022, and celebrates the celebration of the birthday of Luke Pierce. You must help Luke fulfill his wishes for a birthday travel during the event, performing various tourist events during a certain period. This event is open to all players who have completed the personal story of Luke 1-1 (also called the head Flowering).

We strongly recommend that you start this event as soon as possible, since it is limited in time. To collect all the notes of the desires necessary to complete the tasks of the event, it takes six days, and each requires some waiting time between them.

How to get notes with wishes in the event Birthday of a fragrant inexplicable hatch in Tears of Themes

Go to the page of the Redolent Nonage event in the upper right corner of the main screen to access the user interface of the Luke’s birthday. You can perform daily tasks by pressing the daytime button at the bottom. This initiates the debate against the demon of work, which costs 10 OD for the round, and you can unlock the viewing function after the end of the first debate.

You can use only the Luke of the Card on the main deck and the support deck during the debate. However, the recommended level of power is only 25,254, which you can easily achieve with RA cards. You can complete five debates against the work demon every 22 hours. The timer for updating daily work is launched only after all five debates are exhausted, so we strongly recommend completing them as soon as they are available. You must complete at least 30 debate (six days) to get a sufficient number of notes of desires for the entire event.

How to perform events in the event Birthday of Luke Non-Star in Tears of Themes

Notes with wishes can be used to perform tasks from the list of wishes of the hatch. Each task consists of three stages. The first costs 10 notes of desires, and the other two-20. You need to complete all the stages of the task before you can unlock the next.

When starting the task, you will see a timer in the lower left corner of the screen and two types of tourist events.

  1. The magnifying glass icon-observation of the landscape. Reduces time by 10 minutes.
  2. Human icon-chat with a hatch. Reduces time by 20 minutes.

You need to complete all the travels to reduce the remaining time in the lower left corner of the screen. Having exhausted all the tourist events, you must wait 30 minutes for a new set to appear again. The game will not remind you that they have expired for 30 minutes, so you need to double-check if you are in a hurry to complete the task. Just click on the desire for travel to check if the journey events were dropped.

The timer is based on real time, so that every second will also reduce the remaining time for the segment that you are working on. As soon as the timer expires, the segment will be completed. As a result, you can technically complete the wishes for the trip, allowing the clock to flow naturally.

However, since some tasks take five or more hours, you can be more convenient to perform tourist events every 30 minutes to quickly reduce waiting time. In addition, the tasks of the event require you to complete the events of the trip.

How to get awards in the event Birthday of Luke Submy Noble in Tears of Themes

Go to the event of the event of the event in the lower right corner of the screen to open a series of tasks of the event, get temporary awards and materials to increase the level of maps Tears of Themes and Luke. Key awards can be obtained by performing the following actions:

  • R-card for the Luke’s birthday Prepared: Get five copies by completing Travel Wishes.
  • Luke’s outfit Fragrant for a birthday: fulfill the desire to travel to ride a boat, the penultimate one.
  • The background of the hatch and a fragrant irreplaceable badge: fulfill the last desire for a trip called Celebration of Birthday.


  • Exclusive message of the hatch for birthday and voice call: go into the system from December 5, 2022, to December 11, 2022, to automatically receive a message about the birthday of the hatch and voice call. They will not disappear from your in-game phone, even if you do not listen to them or read during the event.

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