LOL: New changes and format for the ascent leagues in Latam inside for 2023

The change for the following year in terms of regional leagues is something that was seen coming within the competitions of Riot Games, in the case of League of Legend, it has just been announced how it is handled for LATAM where there are 7 leagues between LAN and the that have given great surprises to ascend to the LA, but now we will see an interesting change for the year 2023.


With the aim of improving the competitive level, giving greater stability and generating new stories between teams and communities, LVP will operate the North and South Regional Leagues, new access doors to the latin america league, the most important competition in the region. Each of these two new competitions will be formed by 10 teams, among which the champions team of the 2023 opening of the national and applicant leagues that have participated in the same season, which will be chosen by LVP after reviewing competitive and organizational criteria.

In this way, the national leagues will continue to generate local talent and being a basis for the creation of new organizations, while the North and South regional leagues will bring together the most fierce aspiring of each hemisphere in their path of promotion to the latin america league. After the 2023 opening of the national leagues, they will change their format to adapt to the arrival of the regional leagues in each hemisphere, consolidating an ascent flow that will see the birth of new figures, the rivalry between nationals and the maximum glory of reaching The LA.

Undoubtedly the changes for the following year for the regional leagues will allow continuing creating and developing new talents, we have seen a great development of several stars that have been able to touch the main league, now with this new format the competition will have a new level of difficulty But it will also show a greater rivalry among teams from all countries.

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