Good things win the bad horror series in the latest part

Supermassive Games The Devil in Me Dark Pictures Anthology series, The Devil in Me, ends with the first season of the anthology series with an entertaining but slightly cliché and finishing part.

next with Jim, Sub and Liv

I like Supermassive’s horror games already at the concept level. A group of different people are inserted together in the middle of nothing while deadly dangers lurk around each corner. Survival and group dynamics are left in the hands of the player. Excellent Until Dawn created groundwork for The Dark Pictures Anthology. The series focuses on the classics of different horror genres in its first season, which contains four titles. Although the opening part Man of Medan did not directly convince, the author team has steadily raised the level of the works. Both Little Hope and House of Ashes were entertaining blood cakes, and the Devil in Me is no exception. This time, supernatural beings are also left in the shadows.

A child’s crying is never a good sign.

At the heart of the story is the right serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes in the late 19th century. Holmes, who has tortured and murdered people in the Chicago World Exhibition, continues to attract interest in Lon it Entertainment, who is working on B-class crime darts, whose founder Charlie Lonnie trains on the remote island of her group to interview the interest in Gr anthem Du’met. At the heart of the island, which has seen its best days, is at the Replica Holmes hotel, and not when the work gig turns into a survival battle in the spirit of SAW movies. The group of five protagonists is trying to avoid brutal deaths, but the more they are against, the more sick the Duet game becomes.

The slaughter is director Charlie Lonnie (Paul Kaye), Kate Wilder (Jessie Buckley), who works in front of the camera, Kate’s ex-and camera man Mark Nestor (Feint Halogen), Jamie Teargas (Gloria Piano), who is responsible for Lights, and Erin Keenan (Nikki Patel). Not a very remembering group, but certainly stupid and most careless.

Every door is a chance

Game mechanics have not changed much, but the characters are still guided one by one in dark, neck-raising environments. Sometimes choices are made, tested reactions, and talk about relationships as the knife breathes into the neck. This time, the types also know how to climb help and carry a few of the objects they find. Small filings that don’t really change the experience at all. If an important door is locked, the key is conveniently found within a five-meter radius of the lock.

Headphones on the head and alone in your room.

Instead, the titles of The Dark Pictures series are strongly based on the manuscript functionality. In this area, The Devil in Me does not offer enough to raise the series to the next level, even though it is a good addition to the previous trio. The story presents too much of horror movie clichés. The slow-moving murderer seems to be everywhere on a hectare-sized plot, even though members of the film group are in a typical way alone in different corners of the area. And he also rises up, like Michael Myers, no matter how hit. Someone could also mention the entire island’s camera and surveillance system and other infrastructure, which has been built in addition to age and health.

It’s just blood. Pretty normal.

But the plot’s credibility eats the most stupid main characters that run the eyes closed at every open door-without checking the door to get behind or is that room perhaps a furnace, freezer or gas chamber? For the third time, as the same characters voluntarily stepped into a small space with armor glass and white tile walls, the viewer begins to question their rationality. In some places, illogical decisions were more annoying than in previous parts, although some kind of blue-eyedness is part of the horror. Still, comments It’s just blood. Maybe the host has been dragging some animal here. or Wait here, we just go behind the corner. They lose their glow. Who drags the animal along the hotel lobby, or why do you leave the person who has just suffered a trauma in their own room? Just asking!

Then the quality control has been in a hurry because of the newly released The Quarry, but during the game there were also more annoying bugs. The texts were visible after the speeches, the characters stuck in strange places, the textures downloaded a few times late, and for example, I did not get an achievement of the throughput at all. Small non-finishes break the immersion in an exciting moment.

toward the next time

Despite the complaints, The Devil in Me is a fun and functional addition and a great decision for the first season of the anthology series.


The story offers enough fear of fear and close-up situations to squeeze the controller for a few evenings.
Either alone or together.

Unfortunately, the title suffers not only buggy but also from the traditional, cliché laws of horror.
I would like more originality and courage for the upcoming second season.
Dare to take risks.
Supermassive has clearly the ability to create scary and audio visually handsome environments and extensive selection packages where the wrong decisions are bloody.
In the future, it will take a bit more time to filing rosy and developing the characters, so it will be good.
The next section is set in space where no one is known to hear your cry.

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