LOL: Faker can leave T1 and sign with LCS team, says website

Considered the greatest League of Legends player of all time, Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok may be living his last days as a T1 player, the only organization he defended as a professional player in almost 10 years of career. After the defeat to DRX in the large World 2022 final, Faker has not yet renewed his bond with T1, and the player’s official bond with the team was closed on Monday (21), which allows the environment to negotiate directly with any other team.

In the past, faker has already refused millionaire proposals from other ores to stay in T1, but in the face of non-renewal of the environment with the South Korean team, there is a possibility that the Pro Player signs with some team from another league. According to the Blip website, Faker today studies several proposals, especially from LCS teams. Also, according to the portal, Team Liquid and Fly quest are those who closely monitor the situation of the three-time world champion.

Also, according to the BLIP calculation, there is also a chance for Faker to sign a new contract with T1 and remain in the only organization he defended in his career. After the T1 defeat to the DRX in the World final, rumors also emerged about a possible Faker retirement, but Pro Player’s father would have told a South Korean journalist that the 26-year-old three-time champion wants to play professionally Until 30, according to a report published by the Sports Khan portal.

In addition, T1 coach, LS, said in a live oadcast that Faker has decided that he still wants to play for a long time, indicating that the environment really should still remain in LOL’s competitive scenario for a few more seasons.


Opening Photo: Lance Sandwich / Riot Games

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