[Interview] I wanted to show 2 to be a star in G -Star

The first impression, the first impression that was gained when you first encountered, is very important. The same is true for people or games. So when a lot of games first release something, they often work hard. Even though there are additional fluctuations, most gamers take the release when they first came across the game.

It is a star of flint 2, and 2 has finally made its debut through G-Star. The dark fantasy action, which is quite different from its predecessor, has been taken to both PCs and mobile. How did the complete manual play and the heavy atmosphere approached gamers? And what did Kim Young-mo want to show through G-Star demonstration?

Q. The volume of the G-Star demonstration version is huge. It’s been an hour and a half.

In fact, I tried to bring the entire chapter, but it was so long that I cut my half (laughs). Originally, I tried to quit after experiencing up to 1 boss. The FGT version is now 10 times the G-Star demonstration version.


Q. Is there a reason for bringing a demonstration version so long?

Be a star, I wanted to show a game called 2. Nice booths and overwhelming screens are good, but users looking for G-Star come to experience the game. So I wanted to support the game here.

It is also to show the willingness to communicate as much as opening the first door. I would like to show that I will continue to reach the user in the future, and I will continue to participate in this offline event.

Q. This time you can play two PCs and mobile platforms. Is there a difference?

The PC side can play the game by focusing on the concept of Aye PC. Mobile has been able to enjoy more casually. The device is in their 30s and in their 50s.

Q. Is there a specialized part by platform?

The PC version is not special for G-Star, but brought the formal build. So you can experience the flow of early stories and taste the story or immersion of the game.

Mobile is not a launch specification, but there are about 17 characters and one full map. Therefore, it is possible to use various characters to fight to check character design and action.

Q. The quality and immersion of the demonstration version were excellent. In particular, it was very good that the cuts and battles continued.

The quality goes to the ending. As you go to the second half, the production becomes stronger. It made it like a console game. All in-game contents are introduced like this demonstration version. Instead of having a special tutorial, the worldview and content were connected.

In the case of immersion, it seems that writing the scenario directly is a big part. After creating a storyboard and share it with all developers. It is made by constantly applying feedback while exchanging hundreds of opinions on one cut scene.

Q. This G-Star Build is about how many percents compared to the launch version.

The front part is about 70%, and about one-third of the game is made of this quality. About 2/3 is made with 50% perfection. Of course, the back is a little lower. Lastly, seven chapters, chapters 6 and 7 are now producing cuts. The battle is all made.

Q. Even though it is the first participant in G-Star, the booth is significant.

I thought it was a little late to participate. As a result, the application was too late, but the booth in the center was left well. I thought this must be, I have to do it. And I never participated in G-Star, so I wanted to experience this opportunity.

It was my first participation, but the booth was large, so I prepared a lot while preparing. The entire company was stubborn to prepare G-Star. They all gathered ideas to design goods and stages. Still, the whole process was a very pleasant experience.

Q. Where is the booth design center?

When our booth comes in, it is seen in the center. So I was thinking about it for a while, and I thought I should implement the game main screen that can be seen as our identity. In order to look three-dimensional, I used a variety of elements such as character boards. However, the most important thing is that it is a demonstration, so we created a demonstration with the structure of the PC room so that the space can be used efficiently.

Q. How is G-Star audience feedback?

The questionnaire was delivered by multiple choice to answer comfortably. The question itself is simple, including combat speed, story, worldview, and character design. Isn’t it difficult to answer for a long time in the field? So I set priority and confirm only the necessary information.

Q. What do you want to play in the demonstration version?

The PC side is perfect to experience it until the end, but if it doesn’t work, I want to try it up to the first three. Mobile recommends boss warfare. There are three open, but if you do anything, I think you can see the feeling of the game.

Q. Do you want to get it through G-Star demonstration?

I want to get a positive evaluation from users. I hope it will be a demonstration that can have more expectations for CBT. Furthermore, I want to see a company called Flying’s good game and a company that makes a real game.

Q. It was a complete manual play game at the time of the interview earlier this year. Is it the same now?

I have a lot of trouble. The essence of this game is manual play, but you can feel tired when you enter the farming stage. This is being discussed internally. You will not insist on unconditional manual play. The test is also scheduled a lot, so I think we need to collect a lot of data.

Q. Since it is a manual operation, it seems to prefer the PC platform.

After seeing the success of the original, I was convinced of the direction. If the game is fun, you can enjoy the game regardless of your PC, mobile and platform. Simple content is on mobile, and a little difficult content is on a PC. And there are some users who still feel rejected in autoplay abroad. I wanted to make a popular game that is faithful to the basics of manipulating, fighting, growing, and farming.

Q. I was fighting with the keyboard only when demonstrating the PC. I used only a part of the mouse, but is there a reason?

When it is released, we plan to put all the shortcuts in the keyboard. Like playing with a game room device. In fact, in the internal test, the controller feedback was the best. However, this G-Star excluded the controller manipulation for higher completeness. The controller side is already implemented. The controller is about to be released in FGT or CBT.

Q. There are not many buttons used. Nevertheless, I didn’t think it was simple.

It seems to be a game based on evasion. I tried a lot of soul-like action to make the action very casual. In the case of Soul Lake, the thrill from the clear is really intense, but isn’t it too difficult. So I wanted more users to enjoy evasion and action in Soul Lake. I’m experiencing that sense of urgency.

Q. In fact, most mobile games are also available on PCs. Be a star 2 is based on a platform.

PC-based. You can also play PC games on mobile. Even in the big screen, I chose to create a PC version first and transplant it to mobile.

Q. Be a star What is the most impact in 2?

Sound, graphics, cut scenes, battles, etc. The overall completeness is a star, so that all parts are impacted so that they can be proud of 2.

Q. The goal was to release this year, but only a month left. When is the release date for expectations?

Inside, I am thinking in the third quarter of next year. Instead, we are preparing a lot of tests. It seems to be available through FGT, CBT, etc. soon.

Q. Finally, be a gamer who will be a G-Star star.

Be a star through G-Star. I did my best to release 2. All development teams have prepared G-Star Build, booth, and events. I hope you have fun and enjoy all of this we have prepared.

There is a game that shows the hearts of developers. A game where you can see a person who is not a product. I made it really hard to be such a game. It would be great to feel that heart.

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