What is the release date of Revenant Prime in Warframe?

Finally, the lost one gets up. As a new Warframe franchise, you can get Revenant Prime and exclusive accessories by gaining access to Revenant Prime. That’s when the expected new content falls out.


revenant prime warframe Event

Players will be able to get revenant prime warframe since October 5, 2022.

In addition to Revenant Prime, revenant prime warframe, Tats prime and phantasma Prime, also opens the corporate weapon. Tats Prime is gaining strength after each murder, and the effect intensifies when the Retail processes it. On the other hand, Phantasma Prime has a large store capacity when it uses Revenant.

Together with the game, various accessories will also be delivered, including:

  • Curious Prime Santana
  • Armor vet prime
  • 90-day increase in resources

  • 90-day booster of intimacy

Retail Prime is a Revenant version created using Rookie technology. As a result, Revenant Prime has higher levels of energy, shields and sprint speeds. It is well known that real first-class objects are difficult to find, because they should be created from first-class details and drawings that can only be found in the void of Rookie, surrounded by desecrated. This is one of the reasons why Prime Access, a program that offers Prime War frames and Prime Gear, is so important. This gives you immediate access to the primes you need without time for assembly.

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