Irregular conditions: Prussia stops working on Erkenschwick

There was broach a historical video game in Previse in Previous. For the first time, a game in artificial light occurred in the 1935 Timberg Stadium. This should make a mobile flood lamp system feasible, which should clarify the field with 30,000 lumens.

Just placed a few carts on the edge of the field and also high beam of light.

prussia münster on Twitter

Throughout Wednesday night, what the Prussians identified as a good edge tale on their website as a good marginal tale created right into a nightmare for the local league leading team. Since the organization leader of the Westphalia League 1-six triumphs from 6 games-this cup duel under lots of bizarre conditions with 5: 4 in the charge shootout and left the favored shaking head.

Merely put a couple of carts on the side of the area and also emphasize… yet also dumb with the fuel prices, the Prussians tweeted, to add later: Sorry, dear Erkenschwicker, yet that has absolutely nothing to do with normal conditions. All complaints did not aid, the game was brought across the stage-with a result for the SC Prussia.

only Bahama falls short from the factor

And so the Sprig Erkenschwick remains in the quarter-finals of the Westphalia Mug. With Kaan-Marienborn and also Rödinghausen, two various other local league teams beside Münster failed at subdivision clubs.

However, such a game in such a location in the light at all, truly has a bitter aftertaste, whined Prussia instructor Sasha Hillman after his group failed in the charge lotto. From the factor from the factor, Yassine Bahama after that racked up nine shooters on the portables on the 4th effort at guests.

There was talk of a historical game in Previse in Previous. For the very first time, a game in man-made light took place in the 1935 Timberg Arena. Nevertheless, such a game in such a location in the light at all, really has a bitter aftertaste, complained Prussia train Sasha Hillman after his group failed in the charge lottery game.

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