How to get a wrinkled Sharshrow at Genshin Impact

Exploring the stove, you could encounter arena collecting materials looking for a wrinkled star mushroom. Instead of the actual name of the object, the wrinkled star mushroom describes the type of star mushroom that they are looking for.

How to find a wrinkled star mushroom in Genshin Impact

First you need to find a star mushroom, a mushroom with a star in the shape of a star, which can be found throughout the pile. These transforming mushrooms are called the creatures of the Three-Llazans that change their condition after the influence of certain elements. For example, if you apply an electric to a star mushroom, it will become an activated star mushroom. This applies only to star mushrooms in the pile -those that in the underground shafts of the abyss cannot change their shape.


Use any arsonist to use pies to a star mushroom, turning it into scorched star mushroom . The scorched star mushroom looks wrinkled, which is looking for Arena collecting materials.

How to use Scorched Sparrow in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled in the image above, in the western part of the Adams forest. You will find collecting materials of Arena who asks for one vicar and one wrinkled star mushroom. You can give it one scorched star mushroom for presenting my wrinkled variation. Furthermore, you can find vicar on the materials tab and a scorched star mushroom on the ingredient tab.

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