Is Coral Island a cross -platform game?

Coral Island is a cozy adventure on a tropical island where you have to restore life on a farm. Along the way, you will meet the inhabitants of the island, enjoy numerous entertainments and even play with friends. Since Coral Island has multi-user functions, you may be wondering if there will be cross-platform functions.

will there be a cross-platform game in Coral Island?

While Coral Island will receive a multiplayer in the full version, this is more unclear if there is cross-platform. The developers said on the Kickstarter page that they would like turn on the cross play for the coral island, but cannot confirm this. The inclusion of a cross-platform game is more difficult, so it may not be available immediately, if at all.

If Coral Island had added cross-platform, you could play a multi-user game on different platforms. This means that you can play PC with friends on Nintendo Switch. Without a cross-man, you can only play with those who are on the same platform as you.


If Coral Island add cross-platform, then most likely it will be after a full release. Therefore, if you and your friend want to play together on different consoles, you need to be patient or just play on the same platform.

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