How to defeat the boss Johnny Upgrade

Johnny Upgrade is a free flash platformer with simple mechanics. As a player, your goal is to get to the final boss and defeat him in the allotted time. Along the way, you collect coins, and then invest them in various improvements to increase the time, running speed, jumping strength and coin multipliers. However, if you want to speed up the passage of Johnny Upgrade, you need to know how to effectively defeat the final boss. This leadership will show you how to defeat the final boss in Johnny Upgrade.


How to get to the final boss in Johnny Upgrade

In order to easily defeat the final boss, it is recommended to have all improvements at the maximum level. As soon as you have enough jumping strength and double jump, you can jump onto the platform on the left side at the beginning of the game. Spray down through the tunnel, and then continue to move to the right. Shoot at enemies patrolling the floor to get around them. As soon as you pass by the fourth patrolling enemy, you will face the last boss.

How to win the final boss in Johnny Upgrade

The final boss has three different movement templates that you must remember in order to evade attacks. Firstly, he will move from side to side, shooting at you with balls. You can easily evade this attack, moving from side to side. The second attack quickly shoots a spiral from several spheres, which then turns into two streams of spheres shooting down while the boss moves left and right. To evade this attack, just stand right under the boss during spiral waves, and then move left and right along with the boss to evade spheres.

Finally, after the rate of fire is over, the boss collapses to the ground. This will be your opportunity to shoot at them. Move away from them to evade their last attack, and shoot them from your weapons. The damage that they receive will be reflected in the health lane in the upper right corner. With the power of weapons at the maximum level, four successful shots are required to defeat the boss.

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