A MOD that rogue -like of Stardew Valley has appeared. Suddenly held a prize -winning tournament

It seems that a MOD has appeared to convert the popular Life Sim Star dew Valley into a rogue action game. As a MOD with full-scale construction, the community and overseas media are noticed. It seems that the MOD developer has been holding a prize-winning tournament.

STARTED VALLEY is a farm lifetime game developed by Indie Studio Concerned ape. One of the attractions is the addictive game play, which includes a wide range of elements. Some of these elements include cave exploration, including fighting with monsters. The types of weapons, such as weapons, are quite abundant, and the battle is one of the main elements of Star dew Valley.

It seems that MOD, which specializes in the battle element of this work, was released on Nexus Mods on September 2. The name is Star dew Valley-Roguelike. It is a MOD that makes Star dew Valley into a rogue-like game. Specifically, the content of gameplay is limited to cave capture only. The stage that is selected at random has been modified to a system that captures weapons and others while capturing. Also, if the enemy is defeated, the capture will be started from scratch. It is like extracting only the battle element and made another game. At the time of writing, the MOD recorded 2552 unique downloads in Nexus Mods. He is also attracting attention, such as taking up overseas media such as GamesRadar+.

Star dew Valley-Roguelike was developed by Tyler and Taboo, known as Star dew Valley’s speed runner. You can see that they developed this MOD with a lot of commitment. For example, in addition to the addition of 10 boss battles and Perk systems as content, the original stage is also implemented. In addition, even leader board systems that can share in-game grades are included in the mod.

In addition, Taboo planned a prize-winning tournament using this MOD. It is said that those who have achieved conditions such as clear the hard mode first and clear in the fastest time will be presented with an Amazon gift voucher. In addition, Taboo himself will also participate with the aim of clear hard mode clearing. As a speed runner, you may want to promote how to enjoy competing together.

Star dew Valley-RogueLike is being distributed on Nexus Mods. At the time of the introduction of this MOD, the existing save data cannot be viewed from the game once. If you uninstall the mod, the original save data will be displayed again.

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