Call of Duty Warzone weapons, season 5: What are the most used and best performance weapons of this week, August 29 to September 4

A more than a week has passed since the launch of season 5,last battle_, by Call of Duty Warz1. I would like to say that the goal has settled and that there are not too many changes in the weapons with respect to last week… but I would lie like a Bellaco.


The Warzone weapons continues in constant movement, making weapons like PPSH-41 , M1 Garand and mg 82 claim their place in the highest areas of the tables. If you are Warzone player, you will understand how strange it is strange to see these weapons as the most played and effective.

Armament in Call of Duty Warzone: The classics return

One more Friday, I use the Wzranked website to tell you the current Warzone goal: what are the most used weapons (pick ratio), the ones that kill the most (K/D ratio) and the ones that give the most victories to its carriers (Victorias ratio). Remember that the tables are updated every little.

Pick ratio

This is the only one of the tables that has not changed too much. Warzone’s most chosen pick ratio or weapons remains very similar to the last week with Nonchaguerra 43 and Grau 5.56 leading. The surprises arrive with the third, fifth and sixth. The subfusil PPSH-41 Vanguard sneaks into the top 3 by surprise.

By counterpart, the machine gun UGM-8 and the assault rifle KG M40 lose popularity. The Cooper Carbine Assault rifle remains at the moment, although its negative efficiency numbers could cause next week to lose popularity. Finally, the subfusile Marco 5 disappears and the H4 Blixen continues to fight to stay.

K/D ratio

The sections referring to the effectiveness in combat (K/D ratio and victories) have undergone an incredible change compared to last week. The tables are unrecognizable. The UGM-8 machine gun leaves third place and leads the table, followed by the Automaton and PPSH-41 , the new promise.

The H4 Blixen remains strong and his sister Marco 5 disappears completely. The highlight of this table is the presence of the rifle M1 Garand of Vanguard as the fifth most effective weapon of the week. I am a big fan of this weapon and I am very happy to see her here. Finally, the sniper rifle Gorenko Anti-Tank Stroke just behind the M1. Does the rifle time return? I would bet.

Victorias ratio

And if the previous table was not weird enough, here another almost strange. The machine gun UGM-8 remains the second weapon that grants the most victories to its carriers, but is surpassed by the machine gun Mg 82 , which appears from Chiripa in the previous table.

The combat shield is a classic. The big surprise (again) the presence of M1 Garand as the fourth weapon that Victoria offers its carriers and the subfusil PPSH-41 , which definitely becomes the new promise and the protagonist of this week. The H4 Blixen continues to fight and the Armaguerra 43 has almost lost the battle in this table.

In summary: Armaguerra 43, Grau 5.56 and Carabina Cooper maintain their popularity, while the subfusil PPSH-41 and the Rifle M1 Garand sneak by surprise in the most effective weapons lists. Are we facing the new combo of death? Throughout next week we are sure we see more content creators using them.

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