LOL: The free skin with which Riot wants to solve the problem that most worries the community

The behavior of the players in the games of League of Legends is one of the issues that most worries the community. It is well known that the attitude of a single person can greatly reduce the enjoyment of the rest of the members of his team or even the rival combined. It is something difficult to avoid, but Riot Games has not always made his best efforts to do so. A situation that they hope to solve throughout this year changing their optics: although they will continue to punish those who do not maintain an acceptable attitude, they will focus on rewarding exemplary players.

An exclusive skin for exemplary members of the community

The first step of Riot Games to encourage the good attitude of the players will be to give a free cosmetic . They will arrive at the rate of one every year in a similar way to the victorious appearances that are distributed among all the players that reach the gold range IV when the qualifying games end. Of course, in this case a certain MMR will not have to be achieved, if not the objective will be to have reached the highest level of honor **. The aspects of Gray Warwick and Medieval Twitch will remain available, but the ‘tokens’ that appear in the Honor 5 capsules can now also be exchanged by an exclusive cosmetic.

In the case of the current season, the chosen Skin has been Malzahar three honors . Riot Games did not want to deepen much of its details, show it in the game or bring out the effects that their skills will have. However, from the developer they have revealed the conceptual art that appears in the previous photograph. Of course, the cosmetic can only be achieved through the rewards system for good behavior and will not be on sale in exchange for money in the future. It is unknown, so far, if your presence in the Honor Store will be limited to a certain period of time or will be indefinite.


Although seeing us rewarded for our behavior in the games is a great first step, it is not the only measure with which Riot Games is experiencing. From the developer they are working in novelties such as a tool that evaluates the chat of the game in real time and avoids exposing players to inappropriate comments. There will also be other novelties such as informing the bad behavior of colleagues and rivals during the game. All added is little and it seems that in the face of next season 13 there could be great changes in how the behavior of League of Legends players is moderated.

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