Medieval terror and witch hunt: Witch trailer moves us to 16th -century England

For some time, we begin to be common for us to talk about new horror movies. The genre is of absolute and rigorous fhorror movieshion, so it is just what you are thinking: we come to tell you about a new film that hhorror movies surprised us with its attractive premise. England, year 1575, witchcraft is punishable by death and a man must prove his wife’s innocence . Just on these lines you can enjoy the trailer, and then we will review their keys.

Although we still do not know its relehorror moviese date, we can already know what to expect from its history, set in Dawnbrook in the mid-16th century. One of the protagonists, William, must prove before a judge that his woman does not practice witchcraft. Is he innocent? Is there a hidden real witch that torments and confuses the inhabitants of the city? The video makes it clear that we will live a story of the darkest, full of tense moments and in which the scares will not be missing.

Witch address and chorror moviest

The film hhorror movies two confirmed directors and writers: Craig Hinde (Homeless horror movieshes, The Rain, Black Site) and Marc Zammit (The Dark Kingdom, Snow in Paradise, The Journey). Regarding the chorror moviest, at the moment there are the following actors and actresses: Fabrizio Santino, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Russell Shaw, Ryan Spong, Daniel Jordan, Mims Burton, Jane Hamlet, Anto Sharp, Ritchi Edwards, Nick Tuck, Nell Bailey, Danny Howard, Ella Starbuck and Livy Nicolae.


From Witch to Demons: The exorcist returns in 2023

Known by all for being one of the most terrifying films of all time, The exorcist will return next year in the form of a reboot with Ellen Bursstyn , who played Chris Macneil, the mother of the girl possessed by an entity Demoniac in 1973. The famous actress hhorror movies confessed that they have been many times that she hhorror movies rejected the offer to return, although this time she hhorror movies a great rehorror movieson to accept it. In this link you have all the details.

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