Lol – Final Super League: Jackspektra and Heretics, a gut victory

The heart has given me my partner and the head, I want to believe, that this work. However, something much more mundane like guts are the ones that most of my decisions make daily; Perhaps the least important as what sauce buy or what song to listen to while I work. The guts, understand as an autonomous muscle that makes immediate decisions without reflection or justification, only based on the imputs that the body receives. What the English call Guts, or what the Freudian Argentines would call subconscious.

Therefore, when I entered the IFEMA Palace for the Super League finals and I could hear to speak to Jackspektra Inside the canutaz *. I can justify it by talking about how Ibo has a pool champion that does not do too well to Th3antonio, the greatest versatility of heretics, or even something as rational as 3-0 in Semis.

But the reality is that the gestural language of the shooter, together with his confident words, but did not fall into overexcitation or chulería, was enough. And not only that, but I was clear that Jackspektra was going to have a main role… and what if he had it.

They won in Charisma

In case I had any questions, it was paradoxically cleared by Th3antonio, Giants player who was available just a few minutes before Jackspektra. He was asked about the giant’s experience factor, which he as well embodies, and the absence of face-to-face events in the heretics curriculum. He was not categorical by qualifying his rivals, but talking about how comfortable they are in these situations.

The guts, once again, growed hard to see Zwyroo dressed from man to looms in a velocirraptor ; What those born in the early nineties evokes one of the most crazy articles in the PES Shop (thanks Champi for the assistance… for Adriano, of course). If a man has the flats of getting on a stage dressed in such an inflatable mamarrache, there is no doubt that playing the LOL in LAN cares about the same as a Spanish fan the games of Rogue… at least until a few hours ago.

A matter of skin

Seeing a game of this caliber in face-to-face limits the analytical criteria. As much as you ask me about the picks, the priority of the blue side or other matters of that race of myopes interested in the Moba, those used by the well-known glasses to see lol, I am incapable.

The face-to-face makes the emotional win the technical game. Because the fighting of songs between Heretics and Giants fans, and specifically the silence or noise of one in particular, says more about the starting dynamics than the overed gold graph. Talking with Werlyb before the first map, full of doubts and fears, and subsequently check his relaxation after 1-0, tells me much more than a ban changed by the coaching staff.

Only in person you can live that the player who makes him get up from his chair to some, and sink even more to others, was Jackspektra. Rejected by LEC, rejected by Kcorp after the Rekkles option appears, and after running out of superliga playoffs in spring, the uncle has the arrests to decide each map.

Ah, and he also tells Noa after winning the trophy and the MVP award, that if heretics do not want him on LEC, there will already be another team of that maximum European competition that assesses his services . Goorgoo with the confetti, and goes and tells him what everything is very handsome, but that he wants to play in LEC.

I guess I like Jackspektra because he has things as clear as my guts.

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