Pearl Abyss, Termian Water Festival, a summer donation event

[Termian Water Moon Young-soo reporter] Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) announced on the 16th that it held a ‘Termian Water Festival’ at the ‘Good House’ in Anyang City.

The Termian Water Festival is a donation event that installs a water playground with the concept of ‘Termian Beach’, which appears in the black desert on the 4th of the children’s nursery. Starting with the first event in 2020, it is making memories for children of nursery schools every summer.

Pearl Abyss employees visited the nursery a day before the event to install a large water playground and enjoyed the water with the children on the day of the event. He shared his memories with various programs such as Black Spirit and Papu & Crio Face Painting to enjoy a mini sports event to enjoy with the children. After the event, the children also provided handwriting and gifts written by Pearl Abyss.

Yoo Mi-sook, director of a good house nursery, said, Thank you very much for opening the water festival for three years in Pearl Abyss for good children. There was also a high satisfaction of the children. She added, Thank you to the users who are enjoying the Pearl Abyss game.


Meanwhile, Pearl Abyss is holding an exhibition at the Termian Water Festival last year by a good nursery child with a black desert. Goods will be displayed and sold until August 28 through the ‘Object by Project’ held at the Blue Square Sodam Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul. Pearl Abyss will donate the entire profits of goods to the ‘Good House’ nursery.

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