Bill Gates Korea must play a leading role in the global health cooperation book

Bill Gates Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founder of Microsoft (MS), said that Korea will play more roles to overcome the global infectious disease crisis.

Bill Gates said at the speech of the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Budget Settlement on the morning of the 16th, Korea is a global health for responding to infectious diseases. We are in charge of a key role in multilateral cooperation.

Bill Gates repeatedly asked Korea to expand its investment in Global Funds for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in a speech. Global Fund was established in 2002 as a cooperative organization for the creation of a global creation of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. The Korean government has been working with global funds since 2018, working as a board of directors. The government has contributed $ 1,25 million to the global fund during the 2017-2019 period, and has decided to appear in additional $ 200 million after Corona 19 Fan Demick.

In addition, Korea has established a Global Health Technology Research Fund, also known as Light Fund for Bio R & D. It is the first non-profit foundation in the light fund in Korea.

Chairman Bill Gates said, We have come to sign a MOU with the Korean government to promote global health security and relieve health equity gaps, and to conclude MOUs on cooperation to continue to fight infectious diseases in low-low-income countries. Timely begins to cooperate in close cooperation.

Since 2000, the United Nations has set up a new millennium development target and began to reduce child mortality rate under 5 years of age. The reason why 10 million people died every year to less than 5 million people is due to multilateral global health initiatives. Since the launch of the global fund in 2002, it has saved 44 million lives, which has been the same as the life of the Korean people. It has been one of the most generous acts that mankind has done to each other for 20 years.

In relation to the global fund financing meeting in New York, USA next month, Bill Gates said, We look forward to gathering the world once again to save more lives.

Bill Gates talked about the CEPI, which was established by the Gates Foundation, and said, CEPI has supported the development of the first corona 19 vaccination and is trying to develop rapid vaccines after the onset of new infectious diseases. We are trying to develop a wide range of disease-responding vaccines through national cooperation such as Korea. Regarding the World Vaccine Immunity Union (GAVI), We also develop and provide vaccines for diseases that are infected with billions of children. GAVI also saved hundreds of billions of people. Thanks to these multilateral health organizations, humanity is enjoying great influence.

Pandemics can spread quickly when infections occur. It is like a fire that spreads beyond the border. It also affects the economy, which leads to many parts, and if the prosperity of one region decline, the growth potential in other regions is limited. It was revealed.

In addition, Bill Gates emphasized the need for investment in global funds. Korea is the right person to play a leading role. I hope to play a bigger role in global multilateral cooperation through Korean science and technology, he said.

On the same day, Kim Jin-pyo, chairman of the National Assembly, said, Bill Gates has invested more than $ 2 billion to develop vaccines as an effort to overcome the fan Demi. did.

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