Tower of Fantasy Astra Gold Nucleus locations

Since the open world of Tower of Fantasy is quite large and saturated with details, the search for Gold Nucleus can independently be a very tedious task. Therefore, in order to simplify your task, this leadership will show you all the places in the starting region, Astra in the fantasy tower, where you can find the golden core.

The Gold Nucleus currency in Tower of Fantasy is one of the three unique Nucleus currencies. Although it is not as much as Black Nucleus, it can still be found in the game world, unlike Red Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Astra Gold Nucleus Locations

If you want to perform ordinary Gacha Pulls in Tower of Fantasy, also known as special orders, you will need a currency called Gold Nucleus.

You might think that you will need to spend real money to get Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy, but this is not at all the case. You can easily farm Gold Nucleus in the game, even if you are a free player.

The best way to farm Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy is a study. Gold nucleus capsules are present all over the AIDA world. Some of them are located in the open air, and some require you to solve a quick puzzle.

But if you know exactly where to look, before going in search of Gold Nucleus in the open air, you can easily find capsules. Our guide will help you with this.

Gold nucleus capsules tend to appear high in the air, so make sure that you look in all directions when you are trying to find these capsules.

Another thing that is worth paying attention to is large blue flowers. These blue flowers usually offer Gold Nucleus capsules in exchange for Elemental Slime.


Astra Gold Nucleus#1

The first golden core is located on the other side of the river from the area of the echo ring, next to the following coordinates (-550.3, 673.8)

Having crossed the river, climb the top of the mountain to the left of you. As soon as you find yourself at the very top, you will see a big blue. If you feed this blue flower with elemental mucus, it will throw a golden core at you.

Golden Nucleus Astra No. 2 and No. 3

The second and third golden core are located in a rusty belt, which can be found near the northern outskirts of the Astra region.

Once there, go inside the building and climb the stairs. As soon as you find yourself inside the hollow sphere at the top of the building, begin to rise up using the platforms inside.

Take the first golden core from the ledge before using a jet satchel to grab the second that hangs in the air.

Astra Gold Nucleus#4

The fourth golden core is located next to the Osmiev Tower Astra. As soon as you find yourself at the tower, go to the river next to it, and you will see a golden core floating right above it.

Use your reactive satchel to grab the golden core from the air.

Astra Gold Nucleus#5

The fifth golden core is located in the area of crimson poles, which is located near the southern edge of the Astra region.

As soon as you find yourself in this area, go to the following coordinates: (-606.2, 937.7). When you find yourself in these coordinates, you will find three mushrooms in front of you. These three mushrooms will have different sizes.

First jump to the smallest mushroom, then on medium, and then on the largest. If you do it successfully, a golden core will appear in front of you.

Golden Nucleus Astra# 6

The sixth gold nucleus is located at the western edge of the river in the Astra according to the following coordinates (-816.2, 792.0).

You will find this golden core floating above the river right in front of the entrance to the Astra shelter.

Astra Gold Nucleus#7

The seventh golden core is located south of Barrenstown according to the following coordinates (-487.9, 954.0).

As soon as you find yourself in these coordinates, you will find a small enemy base. Defeat all the enemies in this area, and then take the golden core from the sublime platform.

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