Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: Everything we know about teracristization, a new and strange process to alter Pokemon

The new scarlet and purple Pokémon delivery introduces a new and strange process that allows you to return from glass to your Pokémon. This change causes considerable improvements for combat. Then I reveal everything you should know about the teracristization.

NOTICE : This guide will be completed as we know more about the scarlet and purple Pokémon the teracristization

What exactly is teracristalization?

Teraclistalization is a phenomenon that only occurs in the Paldea region and makes the Pokémon shine like crystals or gems. The Albora Professor and the Turo Professor work to solve all the mysteries of this genetic change in the Pokémon.

When a Pokémon is teracristalized, its body is completely covered with teracristal, a bright material whose energy emanates from the soil of the region, and a jewel appears on its head as a crown. Pokémon’s conversion is unmistakable.

Studies have revealed that the tenderness jewel of the head and brightness (and color) of the pokémon’s body vary depending on its kind. It is also known that all Pokémon living in Paldea can be teracristalized. The teratipo version remains inactive until the Pokémon is teracristalized.


Once the Pokémon will see its power and changed the type that defines it. The weaknesses of this type are also transferred. Not everything is good. For example, you can have a flying pikachu or a water pikachu.

There are 18 types in total , so Pokémon combinations. The possibilities for combat multiply in ways that it costs to imagine. So much so that the official website reveals that this process will have a fundamental role from now on.


The inhabitants of the Paldea region have learned to use the teracristization, despite not knowing all the details of this process. Now you can adapt your Pokémon to your combat style and not the opposite. It ended up leaving in the inventory in his favorites.

To carry out the process you need a very strange object called Technical Orb . You have to load it by touching the crystals that emit this energy or in the Pokémon centers. Once you use the orb to teracristalize your Pokémon, energy is lost and you must recharge it again.

And passing into practice: when a teracristal Pokémon uses a movement that coincides with its teratipo and at least one of its original types, the power of the movement increases much more.

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