Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the best Dango for Dual Blades

The introduction of Hopping Skewers has changed something for players undergoing Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. They can significantly increase the efficiency of some Dango and can help improve many different assemblies. For Dual Blades, several Dango can increase their effectiveness, namely, by increasing the number of accumulated statuses. These are the best Dango users for Dual Blade in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Best Dango for Dual Blades in Mhr Sunbreak

Double blades are one of the best types of weapons to perform spontaneous damage and construction status . The constant number of blows that players can inflict the monster will increase. Frees and players using explosion, paralysis, sleep or poison can use Secret heart Dango to increase its status. This is especially useful when playing in a group of players or when playing with megobochka bombs.

Players using furious gem The decoration will experience a big loss of sharpness, which makes explosive blow or acute Dange valuable option. The decline of the Dango Dango is also very valuable, as it will facilitate every hunt, weakening the monster. A redirect Assembly can make easily fresh dango has fantastic use, as players will still often change skills, getting health and restoring Wirebug Gauge.

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Best Dango sets for double blades

assembly status

* Secret Heart -Levels 3 and 4 of this Dango will increase the accumulation of the effect of weapon status.

Explosive blow *-When you use sleep on the monsters, exploding them Megabochki bombs will cause additional damage by the Dango 3rd level. It also accelerates sharpness.
The decline of the House *-This Dango will make the monsters found in the quest can be weaker than usual, that will make hunting much faster.

Standard damage

Mint *-This Dango increases the attack and protection of the hunter after eating for a short period of time. Players can wait to eat until they find all their permabuffers to maximize the effect.
Hill luck -the weakening of the monster will never be an incorrect answer, especially in combination with Mint-Aature.
explosive blow -increasing the speed of sharpening means more time to attack a monster with complete damage.

Protective/supporting assembly

The decline of the House *-the weakening of the monster can never go wrong.
anileptic -It is useful for both solo and with a wide range to build, as this increases the effectiveness of all healing objects.
magnacris / berry safe -the berry safe is only a daily skill, and it cannot be guaranteed, but it does not allow the first trolley to count as the failure of the quest. Magnarsp will support the player’s life with single deadly damage, and also restores his health at higher levels of skill.

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