Warzone: Drdisrespect is accused of using chetos and launches a forceful message to Activision

While the title of Raven Software shone in its beginnings, today the situation has changed, and this, for our greatest misfortune. Dr Disrespect, former level designer in Sledgehammer Games but also and especially world-fame streamer in the world of fps, and in particular through Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, meant what I thought of the latter at the present time.

Between bugs, glitches, exploits and especially cheats, it has become very difficult to play and have fun in the tropical city of Caldera , and for the so-called professional players, the situation is even more frustrating for them because very often, very often, And despite their incredible skill, they are killed by players who believe they intelligent and cheat in all possible ways with wallhacks and aimbots. Thus, Dr Disrespect, whose talent is no longer to prove, wanted to send a fairly clear message to the developers.

Dr Disspect is tired of Warzone and his cheats

DR. Disspect is angry and wanted to know. But what is the true reason for this? Definitely let it go from developers. We explain. For those who do not know Disrespect, it is a great player of the COD franchise and has a lot He and falsely accuse Disrespect of cheating, which drives our mustache totally crazy favorite. **


According to him, the game is so contaminated by cheats, and it has become so normal to find them every day that, unfortunately, really good players are attacked and, therefore, unjustly blamed when they manage to kill players less good than them.

However, and despite what we can believe, Activision and Ricochet are working more than ever to eradicate cheats , but the task seems much more complicated than expected. Lately, the last technique found to enrage the latter was to disarm them. In fact, if one of them was suspected of cheating, he was empty hands in front of the other players.

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