Micra MOD produced with AI! Sound and textures are automatically changed

Youtuber’s Mysticat produced a resource pack for the PC version Minecraft with ** AI, and released the results as a video.

Mysticat is a YouTuber that specializes in Minecraft videos that do not use MOD. In the past, we have published videos that craft cars and tanks using command blocks, but this time, MOD production is the main. In-game resources were replaced using various AI services on the net.

According to the video, Sound Raw and NSYNTH: Sound Maker were used in the sound side, and CRAIYON and AI Painter were used in terms of texture. As a result, the BGM maintains the atmosphere of Micra, and the texture looks like an HD resource pack at first glance.

However, looking at the details, there is a hell-like sight of an animal that has a picture of an emoji icon-like image on the head and makes a noise sound and a tricky plant. Stone and grass blocks are medium-sized, but it seems that surreal things such as diamond blocks with diamond block images attached have been generated.

In the video, some production processes are also available, so if you are interested, please check it out.

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