Announced the mystery RPG Immate Endless Spiral. Behind the scenes and reality, the two protagonists uncover the darkness that sleeps in a big city

Publisher Koch Media announced on July 14 that it will release a new RPG Immate Endless Spiral by Chinese developer Arrowiz on its label Prime Matter in 2023. did. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S, and the price is undecided.

The Endless Spiral of a Different Dream Labyrinth is an RPG-style command battle-type RPG that invites players to a fictitious old Shanghai-style near-future city. Set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis with a mixture of traditional buildings and futuristic structures, the detective protagonist and his sect unravel the secrets behind the government. There are many mysteries lurking in the gorgeous new city, which is crowded with people, and the hero goes on to investigate in order to unravel the history surrounded by darkness. Eventually, he will set foot in another world that sleeps behind the new city and fight for what he should protect.

In this work, the player will investigate the mystery hidden in the new city by repeating the exploration part and the battle part while operating the young private detective and the mysterious exorcist and the two main characters. In the exploration part, as a private detective something, he goes to various places in the glittering city, collects clues, and tries to solve the mystery. In the battle part, as a mysterious exorcist Zhong Kui, he fights against a devilish and horrifying existence in another underground world from the rift that is the entrance to another dimension.

In battle, the physical strength of all teams is shared, and a system called Gear Matrix and Dual Talent System is adopted. It seems that you can enjoy a unique and challenging battle. Also, as you progress through the story, you can increase the number of new friends by gaining trust, and you can get a glimpse of the unique friends in the trailer. You can also see the enemy like a god statue that will stand in front of the player. At the end of the trailer, a mysterious machine that reflects the sight of the new city has appeared, suggesting that there is something in the story of this work.


A big city with two worlds, front and back. Why is the mysterious back world spreading underground? And what is the existence of the variant that nests there? Can the protagonists reach the organization that pulls the thread behind the scenes and reach the truth of the new city? I would like to expect future information on this work, which is still veiled with many systems and battles.

Immate Endless Spiral will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. A packaged version is also planned to be sold.

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