Fortnite Chat Multiplatform: How to speak multiplatforma

Communication is key whether you play in a duo or with a squad at Fortnite : Real battle. With dozens of other players competing for winning the game, making intelligent calls to enemy positions or communicating your strategy efficiently can definitely give you an advantage. With practically all the consoles of the current generation that now admit the multiplatform game in Fortnite, it can now join with your friends and multiplatform chat . Here it is explained how to chat multiplatform and speak multiplatform with players on PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices.

How to chat multiplatforma in Fortnite

Epic Games has done an exceptional job in making the Fornite multiplatform chat as possible. The game allows you to automatically chat with anyone you are grouped with, regardless of the platform, even with mobile devices. Of course, like any other game, you must be in the group to start a conversation with anyone.

If for some reason you cannot speak or listen to anyone in your group, simply open the option menu by clicking on the settings icon at the bottom of the social menu.

From here, go to the audio section. Then be sure to activate the voice chat configuration.

Disable the voice chat configuration will prevent you from listening and talking to any of your teammates. You can alternate the voice chat configuration from inside the lobby or during a game. We recommend that you have this configuration in ‘All’.

In addition to this, you will also want to make sure that your option ‘Voice chat method’ is configured in ‘open’ and not ‘click to speak’. If it is the last and is not configured in ‘Open’, you must press a button to be able to speak, so it might seem that it is not working.

It is worth noting that the multiplatform chat is limited only to the people with whom you are grouped. Once you are out of the group, there is no way to speak between platforms with other players in your game but not in your squad/group through the voice chat in the game.

Alternatives to the multiplatform chat

If everything else fails, depending on the platform on which you play and your friends, you have some alternatives that you can explore.

First, you can always use Discord’s ‘voice channels’ to be able to talk to their friends through the PC and mobile devices. It could be said that this is the easiest way to quickly configure a voice chat if you have problems with Fortnite multiplatform chat options.

Alternatively, if everyone plays on PC and Xbox platforms, they can always configure a party. PC players will only have to log in to their Xbox account in the application, and then they can join Xbox parties through the application in this way.

So, that is basically how multiplatform chat with your friends in Fortnite . Are you looking for more about Fortnite? See the links below to get many more tips and tricks.

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