Aiming to adopt e -sports development and Paralympics

The Korea Disabled Sports Association suggested that the development of the disabled game rights should be aimed at adopting the Paralympics e-sports. As the paralympics present the standards presented, the game rights of the disabled naturally improve. To this end, the introduction of ‘disabled e-sports classification’ was selected as a top priority. It is to classify esports by type of disability.

On the 6th, the Korea Creative Content Agency held a game culture forum to improve access to the disabled for the game. The Game Culture Forum is a place to view the cultural value of the game and discover various views for creating game culture.

According to a survey of the Korea Creative Content Agency, 70%of the people enjoy the game. On the other hand, the main hobby of the disabled is 89%of TV viewing, and only 22.7%of people with disabilities said they used computers and the Internet. It can be assumed that people with disabilities are still difficult to play games.


Kim Ye-ji, a member of the people of the people, said, The game has become a representative leisure culture of the people, but there is no proper investigation or research on how hard people with disabilities are enjoying and how difficult they are. I look forward to developing into esports for.

The head of the Future Strategy Division of the Korean Disabled Sports Association introduced the characteristics of the disabled. Disabled sports are classified for fairness. For example, ‘T44’ is the limb cutting and ‘T55’ means sports that are disabled people who use wheelchairs. The former chief suggested that the e-sports industry needs a classification for the disabled.

The former chief cited the preemptive condition of the disabled esports, △ Need to approach esports by type of disability, △ laying the foundation for easy access at home, and providing operation methods considering the aging population of disability population. If the foundation is established, the Korean Disabled Sports Association will support esports to be adopted as a sport in the Paralympics, he said.

Kim Sang-min, a teacher of Yangju Office of Education, said, Securing access to people with disabilities should be approached by investment that everyone can benefit. Kim suggested that the game company should be able to enjoy regular games, rather than making games for students with disabilities. What students with disabilities want is not only a game that can be enjoyed by students with disabilities, but because it is a game that both non-disabled friends and family can enjoy together.

Kwak Hyuk-soo, the head of the Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Creative and Culture Headquarters, is conducting research services for the development of e-sports for the disabled. The research is scheduled to be completed in December this year.

Kwak said, The development of the disabled esports is preparing for the next year’s competition in consultation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which can play a major role as an e-sports species. I introduced it. In the future, the Korea Creative Content Agency will continue the e-sports business and policy for the disabled.

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