2022 LCK Summer Week 4.

The matchups that would determine the top composition of the 2022 LCK Summer Round 1 were in the fourth week. In addition to the match between Zenji, the No. 1 T1, as well as the third-ranked Damwon Kia, the fourth-placed DRX, and the match between Zenji and DRX, the top teams will be held.

League of Legends Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as ‘LCK’), which hosts the League of Legends e-Sports Korean professional league, will be held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul from 6th to 10th at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul In the fourth week, fans’ interest is rising as the confrontation between the top teams is held in a row.

◆ ‘6 games’ Zenji meets ‘natural enemies’ T1

Zenji, who has not lost once in the summer split, meets T1, a demanding opponent. Zenji has often been weak against T1.

In the opponent, Zenji is far behind T1. Zenji, who met T1 15 in LCK, including regular leagues and playoffs from 2020 to the last spring, remained at 26.7%. It is also not good news that it has been recorded six consecutive titles from the 2021 Summer to the Last Spring Finals. In the two matches of the Spring Regular League this year, the main matches turned out to be confirmed as the Corona 19 confirmed, but in the finals, the results were not good every time they dealt with the T1.

Zenji, who has been winning six consecutive wins since the start of the summer, has a task to continue the pace while defeating the T1 on Friday. If you win on this day, Zenji will not only win the winning streak, but also the first place in the summer regular league. However, if the opposite situation comes out, you have to fight the T1 with the T1 throughout the summer.

◆ DRX meets a demanding opponent

DRX is a team that can determine the top game in the fourth week. The DRX, who ran the pace by running four games until the second week, was beaten by the Live Sandbox in the third week and defeated T1 0-2. The DRX, who was defeated for two consecutive games, was ranked fourth in the set, with one point behind the set of two consecutive wins in the third week.

DRX deals with Damwon Kia (7th) and Zenji (10 days) in the fourth week. For DRX, the two teams are not easy. He is one of the last 10 games against Damwon Kia (including the LOL World Championship), and Zenji is defeated five games from the second round of Spring in 2021 to the last spring.

If DRX loses both Damwon Kia and Zenji, the odds may drop to 50 %, which can give Rib Sandbox fourth place. If you add 2 wins, DRX can be a parking park that must be victorious in the DRX, with the Zenji and T1, to create a foundation for the first competition.

◆ T1 ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk, 500 wins in front of you

T1’s mid-liner ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk is also interested in this week. Lee Sang-hyuk, who has been able to play the 3rd week of 2022 LCK Summer, has won 498 sets and 2,591 kills.

Lee Sang-hyuk deals with Zenji and Freddit Brion in the fourth week. Zenji is ranked first in 6 games, but T1 has a six consecutive wins in recent opponents, so if you beat Zenji on the 8th, you can get to 500 sets of LCK for the first time. Even if it fails, the next game is a match against Freddit Brion, which is 6 games.

During the two matches, only 9 kills can be achieved, so you can achieve the LCK’s first record of 2,600 kills.

◆ Commentian recommended Gyeonggi-do unanimous

Domestic and foreign commentators, who are in charge of the LCK relay, also cited the match between Zenji and T1. ‘Cloud Templar’ commentator Lee Hyun-woo said, The name alone is a matchup that makes the fans flutter, but it seems to be more excited to see the game. It seems to be a watershed of this game, he said.

Global commentators also focused on the confrontation between Zenji and T1. Brendan Valdes said, I will call it a confrontation between Summer’s last undefeated team, Zenji and LCK, and I will call it Summer Titan. I wonder if T1 can stop Zenji like a runaway locomotive, and I can see how the two teams have changed since they confronted the spring finals.

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