Akasor Games, Mobile SLG Three Kingdoms Erase

Akasor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, CEO Lee Cheong) announced on the 4th that it has updated the thousand scenarios in the new mobile strategy game, Samgukji War, which is developed and serviced by the company.

The Heavenly Myeongbangbang scenario, which announces Season 4, captures Luoyang, and adds an altar building that was not available in the previous season.

The altar has the effect of protecting Luoyang and attacking all the sacred places on the four weeks, and has various functions such as reducing the damage of the defensive group of the Holy Land or increasing the siege of the armed.

The location of the altar is the Byeongju-Dokjo, Korea-China-Munseongdan, Hyungju-Chodan, and Western-Mudeokdan, and the occupied altar offers a corps buff in the federation, while the difficulty of the four weeks is lowered.

In addition, in commemoration of this update, it can be obtained from the maintenance zone and the scenario server, including Colonel and armed reset right by the 5th.


In addition, 500 gems will be presented by randomly drawing users with a login record for at least three days until the 6th.

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