Already ten years old! I Love Coffee, the 10th anniversary large -scale update notice

NEXTur (CEO Lee Dae-hoon) announced on the 29th that it will make a 10th anniversary pre-booking of its cafe management SNG ‘I Love Coffee’.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, I Love Coffee, which entered the pre-booking reservation, prepared a luxurious gift to all participants. Taking the theme is the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary pass, the 10th anniversary of the special item, the 10th anniversary of the special item, and the rich support items such as gold, coupon, and exchange ticket. It is a reward.

In addition, he announced a large update that can be found at the end of the pre-booking. We are preparing for updates for the 10th anniversary, including franchises, various concepts, and new themes that can be operated with decorating know-how. For more information, you can access the game after a large update and check it through the notice.

I Love Coffee, which celebrates its 10th anniversary and announced the start of pre-booking and massive updates, is a cafe management SNG that can be enjoyed as if you are running a real coffee shop. You can enjoy all management and store operating elements as a real cafe, such as roasting beans, making a variety of menus, selling, cleaning stores, and employee management.


In addition, ‘I Love Coffee’ has established itself as a representative of the Korean social game where you can visit your friend’s café and enjoy your social networks, such as helping you or boasting a cafe.

I Love Studio Jang Jae-gwan said, We have started pre-booking for the 10th anniversary of I Love Coffee. I hope you will receive a gift prepared to reward you, and I will try to be an I Love Coffee with you for a long time.

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