2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 Final Results

-26th Final Maru Gaming 3-1 Penetation… Winning without a set

-DRX, Masters Stage 2 and Champions Competition

-Maru Gaming-Damwon Kia-On Slayers, East Asian Final Power Participation

The DRX achieved a silent set in the 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2, and achieved the feat of winning three consecutive tournaments from 2021 to this tournament.

Riot Games, the 5th to 5th Daejeon character-based tactical shooting game ‘Valorant’, Riot Games, the 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 Finals held at the African Colosseum in the African Colosseum located at the Sangam-dong Estlex Center in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 26th. He said he won the maru gaming.

The DRX won all seven games assigned to the finals of 2-0, and defeated Damwon Kia 2-0 in the winner finals after defeating WGS X-I to 2-0 in the second round of the playoffs. The DRX, who met Maru Gaming, a blast in the playoffs, earned the nickname ‘Under Dog’s Rebellion’, and won a three-to-zero win.

In the final on the 25th, DRX’s destructive power was demonstrated from the first set. Based on the ‘Buzz’ Yoo Byung-chul, who played with Chamber, the DRX, who won 13 to 4 in the ‘Split’ map, shakes the three rounds in the first two sets of ‘Heven’ map, but shakes three rounds in the beginning, but ‘Kim Gu-taek achieved a match point as he cut off his opponent’s flow.

In the three sets of the ‘Ascent’ map, the DRX, which pushed the opponent from the beginning with ‘Mako’ Kim Myung-gwan’s Omen, took up to 3 sets with a round score of 13: 3. Kim Myung-gwan, who made a big ball for the DRX to win 3-0 in the final, was selected as the final MVP and received a prize of 3 million won. DRX was given a winning prize of 30 million won.

‘3 consecutive championship’ DRX, Korea’s best re-entry

DRX has reestablished that it is the best team in Korea by winning most of the tournaments in Valorant’s history, which has been filled for two years.

DRX (at that time, Vision Strike Kurz), who was at the top of the pilot competition, was held at the beginning of 2021, the first official competition held in early 2021, winning the championship in the first strike. He won the title of the Masters in the form of the competition and took the first title. The DRX, which had a sluggish performance in Challengers Korea Stage 2, took over the Squadron ahead of Stage 3, defeating F4Q and recaptured normal.

In 2022, the DRX, who sent ‘King’ Lee Seung-won and ‘Rakia’ Kim Jong-min to another team and attempted to change the job as a watcher of ‘Buzz’ Yoo Byung-chul, showed a better teamwork and reached the top of the Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 1. While maintaining the same members, DRX, who also went to Stage 2, won the championship without losing a set from the finals to playoffs and the finals. The DRX, who won four of the five challengers held in Korea, reaffirmed that he was the strongest in Korea by winning three consecutive challenges.

DRX, Masters 2 entry and Champions

The DRX will win the 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 and participate in Korea as a representative of Korea on the 2022 Valoland Champions Tour Masters Stage 2 with 30 million won. The Masters Stage 2 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from July 10 to 24, and 12 teams with excellent results in each regional competition will participate.

The DRX, which swept the two challengers in Korea this year, has confirmed the number one circuit point in Korea. The DRX also got a 2022 Valorant Champions direct ticket in Istanbul, Turkey on September 2.

Champions is a tournament where the world’s strongest team participates in the world championship. 16 teams from seven regions around the world will participate in the world. The remaining six teams will get the right to advance through the final selection in August.

As DRX confirmed the champions of Champions as Korea, three teams participated in the final match of East Asia. In the finals, he lost to DRX and is runner-up, Maru Gaming, Damwon Kia, and On Slayers will be in the final match with three top three teams.

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