Scientific Wordle of June 24: clues and solution to the word

Today is June 24 and as every day we have the opportunity to face a new challenge that Wordle proposes in all its variants and also other similar games. In the next guide we are going to leave you with all the advice, clues and the solution so that you canGuess today’s word of the scientific world *.

Scientific Word today June 24

Today’s word corresponds to Challenge #103 , composed of a total of six letters . In the case of the scientific world you have to get a word that is related to science, but it is not necessary that the first one you write is scientific.

Therefore, you can put the word you want just to get letters or to guess the placement of each 1. If it comes out green, you have been successful with the place where the letter in question is located, while the yellow color indicates that the place is incorrect, but if it comes out gray it is that this particular letter does not exist.

T-clues for today’s scientific wordle

Starting from this base, These are the clues for the scientific wordle of today, June 24:

  • It consists of two vowels
  • It is formed by four consonants
  • None of the letters is repeated
  • Contains a u and one
  • Start with the letter P
  • Follow the letter r
  • It is a flat word that, although in the game it does not use it, carries tilde in the U
  • The word refers to something related to space

Solution for today’s word scientific

In the event that you do not take it out, the word of the scientific wordle of June 24 is as follows:

* Pulsar

And then you have its meaning :

Neutron star that emits radiation periodically.

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