Babayo, the goal is twice as much as a month… I will speed up more

The most important thing is the speed. I think the most important thing in the digital competition era is the speed. Nowadays, there is no 100% satisfaction of app or service. I did.

The domestic online video service (OTT) market is saturated. Corona 19 endeags are approaching, and people go out instead of watching the video, and content producers come out for a day. Overseas OTTs are also active in Korea.

Among them, IHQ, which was mainly focused on cable channels, jumped into Red Ocean last month, starting with the short foam OTT ‘Babayo’. Although there was a lot of concern about the new challenge of IHQ, Babayo grew rapidly for a short time, recording 115,000 monthly active users (MAU) as of the 22nd.

Jung Hye-jeon, managing director of Barbayo, cited differentiated content and speeding projects as the secret of Babayo’s success. It is steadily receiving feedback from inside and outside, analyzing trends, and changing the app based on it. It analyzes the contents that are steadily popular inside, and based on this, we create the next content planning.

Jung, who met in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd, said, After joining IHQ in early October, I said that I would launch Babayo around May, but everyone was surprised around. As a result of speeding work, Babayo has grown to double the target.

■ Baba Yo 1 month, I’m excellent

Chung said that Babayo’s last month is exceeding expectations. At the time of the first release of the app, IHQ set the goal of 50,000 MAUs internally. Just a month later, Babayo’s MAU recorded 90,000, which is doubled. As of 22nd, it exceeded 115,000.

Babayo’s box office factors analyzed that they are taking current affairs and entertainment programs to the main, unlike the OTTs, which are the center of movies and series, and that they have differentiated content. Popular content in Barbayo is mainly political entertainment programs such as ‘starting bar show’ and ‘new stolen horse’ and sex-oriented contents such as ‘growth person’.

Chung said, When I launched Barbayo, I introduced 26 programs, but I continued to look at the response, and it was roughly visible what was popular. OTT doesn’t seem to be very popular because it doesn’t deal well.

The contents also received great response from the targets that Barbayo had built internally. IHQ targeted 3050 generations at the time of planning Barbayo. After analyzing consumer data for a month after the launch of Babayo, the 30s were actually used at 32%. Twenties (27%) and 40s (24.5%) followed.

Chung said, I think the 2030 generation, which is interested in politics and current affairs, was thirsty for the contents that pinched and parodyed it. I am doing it.

It is also competitive that each content is short in about 15 minutes. Chung said, There are many viewers who feel burdened or bored with long content. I can see it.

■ Start for free, I want a webtoon-type video platform

Babayo is currently being serviced free of charge and revenue is mainly in linkker muscles. Babayo puts product photos and links under the content for some content. If you see the product you want to buy while watching the video, you can click on the picture to buy it.

Chung explained, From the viewer’s point of view, I can solve the curiosity, and the company can promote the product more clearly from the company’s point of view. Live commerce has been prepared since September.

The future profit model is seen in the direction of a video platform similar to webtoons. It is a way to make ‘BA Coin’ that can only be used inside Babayo and pay for the contents with the corresponding coin. The content plans to organize at a low price from 100 won to 1,000 won. Chung said, Not all contents are paid, and we will make a difference in price by content considering the production costs.

Some content is also considering the direction of intermediate or banner ads. Chung said, In the case of content that is likely to be more suitable for intermediate advertising or banner advertising than by case, it will be a way to put advertisements.

■ Considering entering China and Southeast Asia… I will increase

Before launching Barbayo, IHQ aimed at 300,000 MAUs by the end of the year. As it has already exceeded 115,000, the 300,000 people set this year will be much faster. Chung said, The goal is now to achieve 300 MAUs within the third quarter.

There is also a plan for overseas expansion. Babayo’s original web drama ‘Temptation of Wind’ is preparing to sell next month in Vietnam. Chung said, We will sell Babayo’s content to China and Southeast Asian markets, starting with the seduction of wind.


Currently, China and domestic investors are showing a lot of interest in Babayo, and we are also considering the direction of co-producing content with overseas producers.

First of all, it is most important to change the app according to the trend as soon as possible. Chung said, The biggest feature of Babayo is that it is fast and flexible, he said. We plan to move forward quickly in the speed battle.

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