Main hour MVP Parker Jackson

PJC is not only dear to lots of people inside and outside the club due to his accomplishments, in a manner of speaking. However the financial laws in professional sporting activities are as they are, Baskets President Wolfgang Wiedlich is priced estimate.
It would certainly not represent the fact if the impression would certainly be that we take into consideration PJC’s separation as a business-as-USAL, proceeded Wiedlich.

Jackson-Cartwright, the very first Bonn MVP in BBL history, had led the group to the play-off semi-final.
The Baskets just fell short at FC Bayern (2: 3).

In 37 video games, the active building actor pertained to approximately 20.4 points and also 7.0 aids.
Along with the American, Ukrainian worldwide Alexander Lypowy will additionally leave the Baskets.
The 30-year-old returns to the Ukrainian club BC Prometey, that will contend in the Latvian-Estonian league because of the battle and will most likely be played in Riga.

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