FIFA 23 Leaks Detail Release Date, Cross-play, and more

With the end of the European football season, FIFA 22 is already enjoying its last months as the flagship game of the EA Sports franchise, and rumors about the contents of FIFA 23 have already started to pop up. And according to an insider who usually gets a lot of information about the franchise, the title that marks the end of the partnership between FIFA and EA will bring some important news.

First rumors of FIFA 23
Below, we bring you the first leaked information about FIFA 23, increasing what has been discussed for a few months. The news comes from DonkTrading, one of EA Sports’ most prominent gaming insiders.
Let’s summarize all the information posted by Donk, noting that none of this is official at the moment, so caution is needed.

One of the aspects that Donk highlighted the most is cross-play. All this had already been said a few months ago, but the insider gives more details about the cross-play of FIFA 23, which will allow users of next-gen consoles, PC, and Google Stadia to face each other without restrictions. PS4 and Xbox One players, however, will not be covered by the functionality.

Crossplay no FIFA 23
Available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and Stadia
Not available on PS4 and Xbox One
Compatible in all modes, including FUT
Just a transfer market
It can be turned on and off
This year, we have the World Cup in Qatar, one of the parts of the agreement between EA Sports and FIFA that ends in 2023, the year in which the partnership between the international football federation and the publisher ends. In FIFA 23, however, some information is already known. Check it out below.

World Cup in FIFA 23
It will arrive as DLC, like the previous ones
There will be a men’s and women’s World Cup.
It could be the last EA Sports World Cup game due to the end of the partnership with FIFA.

The last FIFA in history for EA Sports
This news revolutionized the world of video games due to its enormous reach, and it’s no wonder. EA Sports has confirmed that it is breaking off a nearly 30-year partnership with FIFA and will no longer use the name of football’s governing body in its games. This means that starting in the summer of 2023, the US company will use the EA Sports FC name for its football games.

EA has already indicated that FIFA 23 will have content such as the World Cup and more “leagues, competitions and players than in any previous FIFA.” Furthermore, the developer and pusher now believe that the “FIFA” tag is currently just a four-letter acronym and that the international football federation would block their creative freedom regarding the many copyrights. However, several portals point out that the relationship between the

Men’s and Women’s World Cup
Several women’s national teams will be in the World Cup expansion content, bringing new content. EA has confirmed that the Women’s World Cup will be as big as the men’s World Cup and feature many teams, including women’s major leagues.
Although this information is not yet official, it is still quite reliable. However, we will have to wait for an upcoming confirmation from EA Sports to determine which women’s football teams will be present in FIFA 23. There is also talk of the inclusion of several local women’s championships.

Last year, many rumors were that FIFA 23 would be free-to-play, with in-game purchases being the flagship. However, EA Sports hasn’t commented on the matter since, which doesn’t bode well for anyone waiting for a free FIFA.

Also, it looks like the community got confused because UFL, FIFA’s next competitor, will be free-to-play. The game will be released soon and available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

EA Sports has not officially revealed some of this information, and FIFA 23 announcements should not take place before the Brazilian winter. Still, MGG Brasil will continue closely monitoring all the football simulator news.

Other FIFA 23 Rumors
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FIFA 23 release date: September 30
There will be new FUT Heroes, the Ultimate Team unique cards, and they will have a new progressive system.
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