A Plague Tale Requiem confirms its arrival in 2022 on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

Amicia and Hugo’s adventures will continue later this year with A Plague Tale Requiem. The desolation of the disease and the rats seem to have accompanied this pair of brothers after the outcome of the first game, once again facing a harrowing journey to escape the disease. First announced at last year’s E3, the title featured prominently at the Microsoft and Bethesda conference at this replacement event.

The brothers were more violent than ever.
In addition to showing a new trailer that emphasizes the maturity of Amicia and Hugo, who will now have many more options when it comes to surviving and facing enemies, the great novelty of the presentation is the final release date of the title. As it is well titled, the protagonists have already finished their stage of innocence by force. A crossbow and weapons of all kinds promise a much bloodier experience. And, of course, the rats will play a significant role.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be available before the end of the year, but they have not given a specific date. It will debut for free on Game Pass and has been featured at the Xbox conference, but will be released simultaneously on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. In the latter, it will do so through the cloud.

A Plague Tale Requiem will place more emphasis on action than the installment that opened the saga. While in the prequel, there were hardly any combat sequences, and almost everything was solved through puzzles, it seems that Asobo Studio and Focus Interactive have wanted to focus on creating a typical adventure. A slight twist that, together with a resurgence in Hugo’s illness, justifies a sequel that promises to be just as heartbreaking and disturbing as the original.

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