The First FIFA 23 Icons and Heroes cards for Ultimate Team

Hardly any information about FIFA 23 has been made official, and some details are already leaking. The other day we told you the first details about how cross-play works or the inclusion of the men’s or women’s world championships. Now, it’s time to talk about a part of Ultimate Team that was added last year: we’re talking about FUT Heroes cards.

New Heroes for Ultimate Team
As you know, the FUT Heroes are a new modality for Ultimate Team that was incorporated in FIFA 22. It includes already retired players, who left their mark on world football thanks to their charisma and talent on the field, and who receive unique cards so that their game stays alive. They are a step below the Icons but are usually a little higher in level than the dynamic cards of active footballers. Initially, we had cracked like Morientes, Ginola, and Roy Keane, among others.

It seems that the first names of Heroes that will be incorporated into FIFA 23 are already beginning to sound, and I know for sure that these types of cards will be maintained. Insider FutSheriff, a regular Ultimate Team leaker and entirely credible, has given two names as practically official as FUT Heroes: Yayá Touré and Marchisio. In addition, he has added Lúcio’s card in the last few minutes.

Although we give enough credit to the content, when we talk about leaked information, we cannot say that it is official. The leaker states that all heroes/icons listed are subject to change, as it’s pretty soon. But they are names you can write down since they have a good chance of appearing in the game.

Two Spanish players are other names that have sounded not as Heroes but as Icons. As indicated by our colleagues from Team BeSoccer -via DonkTrading- both David Villa and Alfredo di Stéfano would be among the best cards in the game.

It remains to wait to know more details of FIFA 23. You already know that by this time, the subject is usually moving towards the following season, especially if we consider that the championships start earlier due to the Qatar World Cup. However, everything indicates that the game will arrive in September as usual.

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