Comparison Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 – multi -user mode, gameplay, plot and much more!

In 2021, the Monster Hunter series was presented with two more franchise releases: Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. This pair of games, although from one franchise, was very different and served completely different groups of fans. So, if you think about which one to choose as your first Monster Hunter, or just want to learn about the differences, read on while we compare MHR and MHS2.

Monster Hunter Rise against Monster Hunter Stories 2 Gameplay

Simply put, Monster Hunter Rise is a more traditional Monster Hunter game. Basic hunting, battle, stocks of reserves, the production of weapons and armor are very similar to what has been since the first game Monster Hunter. The main cycle of the gameplay is that you are given missions or hunting to track down and hunt monsters. Successful hunting for a monster rewards you with materials that you can use to create the best weapons and armor to better hunt monsters. Along with this, there are dozens of different types of weapons that give you an alternative way to hunt for monsters, each of which changes your battle style.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, on the other hand, is more like JRPG. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a step-by-step role-playing game in which the characters are united with friendly monsters known as monsters and fight with opposing monsters with the help of special attacks. Despite the fact that the action takes place in the Monster Hunter universe and there are many familiar monsters in it, the game is much more focused on the plot compared to Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise has a multi-user mode for four players. Up to four other hunters can join you in the lobby, and then publish quests in the center of the training camp. Not all quests can be performed in multiplayer, but almost every hunt has multi-user versions. This means that you can unite to fight complex monsters, although the complexity depends on the number of players.

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, there are two main types of multi-user game: cooperative and PVP. In a cooperative, you can also perform multiplayer quests with one other player. In this mode, for two players you will have complete freedom of action and you can join any battles in which your partner is involved. In PVP you can push your monsters with each other in a step-by-step battle in the arena.


The story of Monster Hunter Rise is minimal to focus on the hunt. In general, you are a new hunter who spends time protecting the village of Kamur from attacks, since a dangerous event is loomed on the horizon, known as riot. In the end, the culmination of threats will be the appearance of two great snakes, and the hunter will have to fight with the great snakes of Narva and Ibushi in order to forever put an end to the riot.


In the Monster Hunter Stories 2, you play for the grandson of the legendary rider on the wyvern, known as red. After meeting with Eina, a girl from Vivery, who was entrusted with the Ratalos egg, you must go with her to try to prevent the legendary monster hatching and call chaos, and instead work with monsters. Along the way, you will reveal the secrets of the world of Monster Hunter in an epic RPG adventure.

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