Launches: Dream, horror as well as football with Mario

The summer hole is approaching? Not quite yet! A tough multiplayer shooter, strong football matches, an online adventure and a bad horror night await you next week.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle | 6th of June


A new year also means a new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online . In High Isle this time it goes to an area that has not yet been visited in the long-lived role-playing series: the Hochinsel. There you will primarily meet the people of the Bretons, who are committed to classic knight culture.

The story should therefore also be a little less exciting in this expansion. Instead, the majority revolve around the chivalrous honor and a political upheaval that could change the high island sustainably. On the other hand, there are few large innovations, but at least a new 12-player test , a new world event and two new companions await you. You can also try a card mini game.

Even with the planned release, nothing changes compared to previous years: On June 6, the publication for the PC will first be published. However, console owners have to be patient until June 21.

the cycle: Frontier | 8th June


The story of the cycle is already quite changeable: Actually, the first person shooter was plagued as a Battle Royale with PVE elements and even playable. Then developer Yager started with renovation work that made a competitor to Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown from the Battle Royale.

What does it mean exactly? In The Cycle you have to put together your equipment before visiting the Fortuna III game world, i.e. buy weapons, armor and bandages from local dealers. Afterwards you can either land on the planet surface or with up to two players ** and hunt for rare materials and other things. The highlight? At the same time there are other players who are probably not friendly to you.

For the release in June, the cycle: Frontier is initially only available for the PC as a Free2Play game. A later implementation for the consoles is conceivable.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football | June 10th


When Mario and his friends compete in the football match, it will be chaotic and played is guaranteed not to be according to the rules of FIFA. This is also the case in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football , because there are also a more important role there as the perfect room layout in midfield.

You can put together your team individually and even adjust certain player values with the help of equipment. Of course, an online multiplayer mode should not be missing, in which you can compete against other players from all over the world. And if you want, you can also play a little football on a couch with friends.

A release of a Mario game means one thing above all: the publication takes place exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. All other platforms go away empty-handed.

The Quarry | June 10th

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

With Until Dawn , Supermassive Games have already shown on PlayStation 4 that you have a knack for survival horror with teenagers. In The Quarry , the developers are now pursuing this concept again, but quickly shift the scenario to a summer camp, which the nine young people are guaranteed to never forget.

The reason for this is simple at first glance: something creepy hunt for the teenagers. Why and why? This will only clarify in the course of the game, but a lot can go wrong until the resolution. Because, as in Until Dawn, you also have to make decisions in The Quarry , which can sometimes result in drastic consequences for the survival of every single character.

In contrast to Until Dawn, The Quarry’s release for the PC and all current consoles takes place. Only owners of a Nintendo Switch look into the tube.

Whether horror is a suitable entertainment for summer or your player heart is more likely to scream after a round of Mario football, you will have to decide for yourself in the next seven days. Alternatively, you can choose from a new Elder Scrolls adventure or an intensive multiplayer shooter.

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