Midterm Temtem Roadmap consists of 30 brand-new Temtems, an end -of -video game island, Nuzlocke mode as well as more

_ TemtemThe Crema follow-up of the developer yesterday
Temporary roadmap with a medium-term roadmap revealing their prepare for winter season 2020
till the summertime of 2021.

Some extending truths comprehend that the following brand-new island to add will be called Arbury and will include 30 new Temtem, unlike the 15 of the other 2 introduced islands. Dojo Wars has actually been added and described that clubs will be able to dominate, maintain and decorate dojos while their club rules. Find out a lot more about the clubs of the roadmap yesterday.

In connection: The Temtem roadmap consists of classified equipment, climbing up, brand-new temtems and also prepare for even more

It ought to also be noted that the game will be launched on console throughout this part of the roadmap.

This roadmap adds so many brand-new pieces to the game, such as even more legendary temtems, an aesthetic battle pass if you really want your tamer sticks out from the crowd (note that it will be a premium paid option). Commerce houses will certainly allow players to ask for as well as recommend Temtem exchanges without needing to befriend other players.

The end-of-match island was compared to the Pokémon battle boundary and also will have different structures for different kinds of fights after the match. Nuzlocke setting is a hardcore mode that launches a temtem whenever it loses consciousness, and also you can just capture 2 temtems per z1. We do not yet recognize just how this data will certainly be divided from your main data.

Below is the complete mid-ventilated half-road roadmap:

The end-of-match island was contrasted to the Pokémon battle boundary and also will certainly have different buildings for various types of battles after the suit. Nuzlocke setting is a hardcore setting that releases a temtem every time it passes out, as well as you can just catch 2 temtems per zone.

summer season 2021

Winter 2020

For more information and information ontemtemthe future, visit the full web page of the roadmap on the Crema internet site.

  • New island: Arbury
  • ~ 30 brand-new temtem
  • 2nd mythological Temtem
  • Club Dojo Wars
  • Exchange home
  • Matchmaking classified V2
  • V2 viewer mode

  • 1.0 Release

  • End of game island
  • Console ports
  • Daily/ weekly quests
  • Battle rereading system
  • Cosmetics store

  • Nuzlocke video game mode

  • 3rd legendary temtem
  • Game bar
  • PvP project
  • Cosmetics battle pass

Some protruding truths understand that the next brand-new island to include will be called Arbury and will include 30 new Temtem, unlike the 15 of the various other two revealed islands. Dojo Wars has actually been included as well as described that clubs will certainly be able to overcome, maintain and embellish dojos while their club reigns. Find out much more about the clubs of the roadmap the other day.

springtime 2021

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