FIFA 23 Goodbye to Chemistry? This possible Ultimate Team change divides the community

Although there are still a few months left for the launch of FIFA 23, and we are only confident that it will be the last with this name, leaks regarding the title are already the order of the day. The most interesting has come into the hands of a reputable member of the community who ensures a radical change in the Ultimate Team game mode. According to this, the next Electronic Arts game will leave aside the Chemistry system accompanying us since launch.

The possible disappearance of Chemistry divides the community.
In the absence of confirming the information, the leak indicates the following: Rework the chemistry system. It seems that all nations and leagues match any country and league. Stars would replace Chemistry. Teams could have up to three stars. More big FUT and FIFA 23 news is coming soon. The idea behind this decision would be to make all the players combine better, establishing between any pair of footballers a connection equivalent to the current orange link that exists in the current version of the game.
RedLink: Disappears
Orange Link: New one star
Green Link: New two stars
Deep Green Bond: New three stars

The community’s opinions regarding this possible decision by EA Sports are divided. On the one hand, some players are excited to have a greater variety of potential players for their FIFA 23 team. On many occasions, we have all wanted to introduce a star from an exotic league without being able to do so due to a lack of connections. In this sense, it seems that the metagame can be expanded with more additions that by themselves are fine and never quite stand out because of the demands of Chemistry.

However, another widespread current among the community does not understand the change as a good decision. According to these, there will no longer be room for creativity when creating and managing teams. Even fans theorize that the metagame could be narrowed down by including stars from different leagues or countries. The truth is that there is no single reading. Nostalgia weighs heavily, too, as Chemistry was a system initially introduced in the first version of Ultimate Team that arrived with FIFA 2009, and now it could be gone forever.

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